Issues with lighting, fan, water pump, and air assist

Went to start my machine this morning and my fan, worklight, water pump, and air assist will not turn on. Not automatically or through “Maintain machine”. Laser and camera operate fine. Everything worked fine last night and it hasn’t been moved or bumped.

I have tried restarting the machine, unplugging and leaving unplugged, checking for loose wires, and updating the machine with no change

Any ideas I can try?

I have exactly the same issue this morning with my Flux Beambox Pro after 8 hours working time.

The machine and software doesn’t show any errors, but the ventilation fan, water pump, air assists and all LEDs do not work.

Still tried to reset Mainboard due to the menu, factory reset, update,…

Any ideas for that?

Got the solution, for those searching for the same issue:

In my case it is the 12 V power supply unit at the right sight (under the display).

Check if all 4 yellow status LEDs on the mainboard are on. In my case only 3, the last one was off and it shows if 12 V is available or not.

Conntact support for a new PSU