Is Cura engine broken in FS v0.8.4?


After installing FS v0.8.4 on my MBP, I am getting UH-OH’s with the Cura engine on any STL Imports. The same STL works OK with Cura2 engine. Anybody else experiencing that? I did reset the Presets to default.


Sorry, False Alarm, started to work after re-installing it twice! I have no idea though why it behaved like that, did not happen with previous version installs.


wow, even your getting it, I was getting it on all slicers for a day or so until I rest FS, I guess it’s a bug


Re-installing helped for 1 day, the bug is back and it is unpredictable. Only Cura2 is slicing reliably. The most successful way to slice with Cura for me is to try to start with Cura2 selected first in FS v0.8.4, then switch to Cura and try to slice it. If it works, good but most probably it won’t. I found I have to repeat the process a few times, each time quitting FS and randomly playing with the engine choices, after a while, Cura works but will behave the same after the next “import”. By the way Slic3r engine is also acting up, most of the time does not work but on occasion, it slices ok.

@proclaim: one thing I noticed, the imported structure is sliced in Cura but placed just outside of the platform after slicing. Slicing is shifting the object location. So there is an issue with the coordinates, 0,0 is somehow is shifted during slicing process.( OSX 10.10.5, Macbook Pro)


I’ve been having this problem too, amongst other issues.