Introducing.... the flux cup!


I have created this… just a 5 min sketch in AutoCAD, the pic you see is a render, ill fine tune it and share it with you guys, just pls message me tomorrow or sometime so I don’t forget to upload it, Thanks!


FLUX CUP(model you see in the render):
FLUX CUP 2(flux logo has more angles and is smoother):

I recommend you preview both to see which one you like before printing.

BoozeKashi and Pfeerick, where are you :wink:


I’m waiting for your upload :wink:
The design looks nice and I think its perfect to store my wood carving set.


done! :wink: filling on 20 chars


When I open your stl files, the logo is next to the cup and the cup is flying :smile:

Is it your idea to glue the logo on the cup after the print?


yes, cuz of overhangs and since it’s like this, you can paint it black now(two different colors) sorry for the late reply dude, Bye!


sooo… did it work? still not home, can’t print it, just have my laptop with me


@aw1 I tried to print version 2 of your flux cup. But there are two problems with your STL files.

  1. As described in my last post, the logo and the cup are not on the same level. So it’s not possible to print the logo and the cup at the same time. Unless you want to use some support for the cup or try to print it in the air :wink:
  2. The logo is flat. So it won’t fit around the curved surface of the cup

I fixed this two problems by separating the STL file in two separate ones. So I can print the cup and the logo separately and in different colors. But after I printed both parts I realized, that the flat logo won’t fit on the cup. So I decided to cut the logo out of vinyl. I used the logo from this topic: High Quality Flux Logo for Laser and converted it to an SVG file on this site:

So here is my fluc cup!

The cup printed very nice and is perfect to hold some of my tools. The logo sticks very well to the surface.
Thank you for the design!


ohhh, sorry… 1. ill fix that, didn’t see that coming, also didn’t see your previous post saying it was flying, just noticed, sorry :frowning: 2. that was my idea, I was going for a slightly off the cup design, I didn’t know that it wouldn’t stick at all, as I said, I don’t have my printer with me right now so I couldn’t try it out myself first, I would love to fix it but my AutoCAD doesn’t feel like booting up, like seriously it’s stuck at loading, so I will go for a reinstallation first, then I will refine it,