Introduce Yourself Here!


Hi William,

I am Sean, also in Japan. I was wondering about your experience receiving the Flux in Japan? Also about buying plastic etc.

If you have any advice please share!!

I hope to order soon.


The Flux arrived here fine.

I can’t seem to use it here in my office now because of huge warping issues. If I could heat the bed it might work. I think it is mainly because the inside of my office will fall to around 6 degrees overnight.

I did order PLA from Flux, I have tried some stuff from, some was very expensive and not all of it worked well.


I wonder if the flux delta+ will have a heated bed.


It does not. However, all that I am reading is that most expert printers are moving away from ABS and into PLA or the newer filaments that don’t need the heated bed. Maker’s Muse is one of the best Youtube channels for seeing what all the industry has to offer, and he is suggesting people move away from heated beds. Also, someone here has posted photos of how the heated bed he made for the FLUX ended up damaging the printer.


Hi im Sean, a teacher and technology enthusiast. I am going to order my Delta+ shortly. Hoping to learn 3D printing and introduce my 12 year old to it. Looking forward to working with this group!


Hallo! Ich bin Johann aus Austria-Vienna bin in Pension und freue mich in der Freizeit mit dem Flux Teile zu drucken .


“Hello! I am Johann from Austria-Vienna am in pension and am happy in the spare time with the Flux parts to print.”


I am a Dev-Ops living in Melbourne Aus.
Just waiting for my Delta+ to be mailed out xD


Greetings all. I just got my Delta+ today and started messing with it. Had to wrestle with the extruder and module wire to get it to stop popping the arms but it seems to be doing a test print fine for now.

I have been watching this thing since it showed up on KS and when they did the early bird sale for the + I couldn’t resist. I’m a magician/prop builder in Las Vegas and looking forward to kicking some ass with this thing.


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How Flux 3D printer has been helping you on your health nutrition business?


Actually, I did not understand the question.


Our passionate is about Flux 3D printer and love 3D printing. We’re sharing all our experiences on Flux 3D and help others in the forum.


My name is Samuel Torres. Im from Puerto Rico (PR), which is an small island in the middle of the tropic that is part of the United States of America (USA).
Im a Electronic/Automation Technicina and currently seeking a Bachellor Degree in Electrical Engineering (graduation espection for 2018).
What i love aboute 3D printing:?? Hhhmmm… EVERYTHING!! Im just learning more and more.
Thats why im here for!!! If i can help on anything, please let me know!!!

Greeting to all!!!


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Hello everyone

William Lucas here from the county of North Yorkshire located in the north east of England. I am an amateur 3D Hobbyist experimenting with computer aided design mainly for fun. As I continue to learn and improve it is my hope to develop the skills needed to bring my ideas to life, and in some way make a living from it in the future.


Hello all,

Greetings! I am newbie here. I would like to introduce myself with all of you guys. Hope everyone here is doing well.

Thank you!


Hi Everyone,

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FLUX is great site!


Hi all, I’m an automotive product engineer by trade, but I’m using the FLUX for diy hobbies. I got the first editions of FLUX from kickstarter, but I’ve not been actively using the product, only recently got it out again and am excited to get some cool projects going. I’m from the Midlands in UK.

Happy Printing all- see you on the forums.


Ok new to this too
I am a bloke in Australia I have an early Flux up graded
printing is great laser could be juced up and looking to fit a dremell to the pen holder to create a mill engraver
could anyone help me with creating svg’s that work i have downloaded inkscape and can only get lines the miniute i add text or get complex it says its broken, what do you guys use