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Hi !

Eric here. Received my flux printer the other day. Super excited to start printing with it. I studied sculpture and mechanical engineering as an undergrad. Been into 3D printing for a few years. Worked in the digital fab lab while at school. Interested in prototyping designs, and ideas for different side projects :slight_smile:



I’m Brian form New York, USA. I’m new to 3d printing, but love gadgets, woodturning, chess and astronomy.
I’m very happy that I backed this printer. I know there are some growing pains with the printer, and use cases they probably did not think of, but the team is hard at work trying to help everyone… Glad to meet everyone…


Hi, I am a French Fashion Designer working and living in Taiwan.

Mostly use it for Prototyping but also make props for Costumes and Armors :slightly_smiling:
Really looking forward to Create new Things.



Hello All,
My name is Chris and I just received my printer the other week and have been tinkering since. This is my first printer but I have been wanting one for awhile. I want to thank everyone in the community for sharing your insights and tips. I will upload some of my prints soon and look forward to the modules and communication to come.



Hi All,
My name is Shaun and I com from Taiwan.
The FLUX 3D Printer is my first 3D Printer.
Even is now, I don’t know how to draw 3d module, but i buy it, because I like it can change printer module.


I am an engineer from Jinan Style Machinery Co.,Ltd, I am working on Laser engraver design, include Laser engraving machine with 3D printer, I come to FLUX to learn more. I hope we can help each other.


My MakerSpace just inherited an 80w laser cutter from our local 3D printing manufacturer (thanks SeeMeCNC!).

We actually received it during a power outage from a storm and ran it on a generator.

Does this look like the machines from your company? There aren’t any brand names on it at all, and we’re curious who made it. I believe it was initially purchased from Automation Technologies in Chicago.


Hi, i am Joe, a new flux owner. started out with major issues but Flux repaired my machine an sent it back to me. everything is working. the scanner needs some tweeks but i have not tackled that yet (too busy printing)

 Good day all.
 My name is Iván. I am a mechanical designer & draftsman. I design and draw on Pro-e -now creo elements-, Solidworks and Autocad.
 I am from and live in the northern part of México in Juárez in the state of Chihuahua.
 My intention is to get into 3D printing as an addition to the services the shop I work for provides.
 From this point on maybe the moderators will tell me to write on a more appropriate section of the forum.
 Right now we do not own a 3D printer which leads me to the reason I joined this forum. I did like the flux printer but I don't seem to find a way to get a quote let alone buy it. Their site states it is out of stock and there is no telephone to call. My question is: Am I at the right web site or is there another one?
 Thanks for any reply.


I have had my Delta/Flux/whatever for months now. At first I printed out a small item, twice. Since then all I get is garbage. What I need at this point is a decent set of instructions and/or someone willing to help me figure out what’s going on. i.e., I sure could use a mentor. Metalsmith


The software and firmware has improved quite a bit since the first FLUXs were shipped. When was the last time you updated everything and tried again?


I have to say that I am a little wary of new code from Flux. I would appreciate any first hand reports from people who are using the latest versions.


I have been testing the latest beta version of FS and firmware and they are working fine. There are Improvements on the version and fixed some major bugs. However, I have been used the S3D.


Have they made 3D scanning work yet? It would seem that, from their last “big update” on Kickstarter, they have moved on without fulfilling all promises…


Hi. Not sure how your name works out, so I’ll just fake it. :wink:

At one point I did download new software, that’s what “blew” everything up. I finally gave up and wrote support, but never got an answer. What I’m looking for is 1. software that actually works; 2. Step by step instructions to install it and get the printer working. THANKS!

Also, if you have any idea, did they ever get the scanner to work? Mine totally sucks. Did they ever produce the pen/pencil/brush holder? :sunglasses:


I’m a complete beginner on this device and will no doubt ask a lot of stupid questions but as someone pointed out the stupid questions are the easiest to answer.


That was lovely! That was very kind of you! That was very sweet of you!

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To understand the problem. Think it through. All preview Yes Exciting tight You guys are really intelligent.:smile_cat:


I recently purchased an used Flux Delta online since there’s no stocks on their official shop. Have had plenty of problems already and solved each one of them (changing the nozzle twice already…). So far, …honestly I regret a little. Probably should have gotten other 3d printers since the support for Flux Delta is pretty weak, almost nonexistent and have to be depend on users which of course often no solutions but questions floating around the forums. Still, I’m hoping somewhat the support and overall service quality improves in near future…
I really need the support to support me to fix some technical problems.