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I’m a Software Engineer. I’ve been doing 3D Printing since 2010, started with a Makerbot (wooden kit type) and have a small collection of Makerbots. The FLUX is my first experiment with other printer brands, and was my first experience with a Kickstarter. I have recently started my own company using 3D Printing and I hope to use the FLUX to add to my 3D Printing ability.


Hey all,

I’m a IT Consultant for PWC. I’m from Wisconsin in the US. I love to make things and miniatures. But I also want to use 3d printing with my CNC mills to make custom motorcycle parts for my bike, and custom hardware for fixing up my 120 year old house. I love the look and build of my flux and hope to use it on many projects.



I work at Penn State with the College of Information Sciences and Technology. I’m a Senior Instructional Designer with the Office of Learning Design. I’ve been using 3-d printers and modeling software since 2014. I know a lot of people think that watching a 3-d printer at work is about as interesting as watching paint dry, but I could watch a 2-hour print job from start-to-finish. I’m just fascinated with the idea that you can go from nothing to something tangible with just a press of a button. I’ve most used the Makerbot Replicator 2 and am incredibly excited to have my own FLUX Delta. Even though I have yet to use the scanner, laser engraver, and pen holder, I can’t wait to see what other tool heads will end up being available. I love being part of the Maker community and look forward to future exchanges!



I’m MK Chan from Malaysia! 大家好!

Today just get the long waiting FLUX Delta!! Super excited!

Feel grateful to join the FLUX community! Keep it up team! :muscle:



Hello all, im new to 3D printing. I have a BS in EE, and I am in school now for an AS in software development (ITT).
just got my flux the other day and am loving it so far! I do think the Flux Studio software could use some work, but im not complaining (yet). I work as an analyst/developer at Dish Network here in Colorado.


I’m David from Spain. I’ve just received my 3D Printer and I’m completely new on this. I’ll have to read a lot in the forums before being able use it.
I just bought it for fun, mainly to print robots.


William from Japan

We do photography and design. I am looking to make custom components for photography related uses.

First time with a 3D printer


Hi Hector from Mexico, I’m also new on the 3d printing world, so I need to read a lot before I received my printer.

But I’m grateful to join you on the flux community.



Thanks! You wrote my intro for me. :slight_smile: Only I’m in NC, and will probably never retire. I’m 61


Hi, I am new to this forum and 3D printing. Working in Hong Kong as a graphic designer.
Just received my FLUX 3D printer, look forward to the excitment!


Hi! I’m Brass, and I’m brand new to 3D printing. I have no idea what I’m doing just yet, but I’m eager to learn. =)


Hello. My name is kasper and i live in Denmark. I am a student and have been so happy to receive my FLUX :smiley: I have started up a small company called and I have already made several people happy with my service in 3d printning and laser ingraving. I love flux because it is awesome and is more than proud to have been a backer :slight_smile:


Hey everyone!

I just received my Flux last week. It’s the 3rd 3D Printer I’ve backed on Kickstarter, and the quickest to actually arrive. I now have more than 10 3D printers and the Flux is definitely the sexiest looking. The print quality is pretty amazing too, when the head isn’t getting tilted.

I’m an aerospace engineer and a founder of a large format 3D Printer company, A3D Technologies. I’ve been into 3D printing since 2012 and am a facilitator of the Portland, Oregon, USA 3D Printing meetup group

I look forward to really putting the Flux through it’s paces and showing it off to my customers.



Your expertise is quite welcome! FLUX is my first printer to own… but I have studied a few and have 14 years of CAD (semi-pro self-taught) design of papermodels. I am on my third FLUX. Some of us are concerned with fatigue on the machine. It seems that machine does VERY well at first then gets “tired” and starts making mistakes that cascade over a shorter and shorter time. Not sure if it is user error, factory error, or what. With your experience on so many, I wait to hear your thoughts. I LOVE my Flux and want it to succeed and get better.


Thanks! I’m very curious about those things as well. A little grease on the magnets and the head isn’t tilting anymore, but I’ve noticed the quality of my last 2 prints was worse than the first one I did, not sure if the grease is causing some tolerance issues or slipping or if it’s something else. I have had to adjust the Z-Height -.15mm in order to get the prints to stick to the bed, and am still having trouble when using rafts. But it’s a new printer, I expected some kinks and hope that they will get worked out in time. I’ll definitely keep the community posted on my progress and thoughts on the machine.


Ahoy. I’m a film Director in Portland OR.

New to the forum, new to 3D printing, new to laser etching… This machine is also the first product I’ve ever funded on Kickstarter. Lots of firsts with this thing.

It took about a week for me to work out all the kinks between the printing and etching, and I still can’t get the scanner to produce anything other than a massive blob, so I’ll have to keep digging on that topic. I’m pretty sure one of my lasers is tilted or out of focus or something to that effect.

For whatever reason I seem to be more compelled by the laser module than anything else. I think once I get my CAD chops up I’ll be all over the printing as well, but the etching has been more of an instant gratification.

Thanks in advance to everyone who has troubleshot and posted their findings! This forum has been helpful so far for sure.


Lz - material designer, skateboarder and aspiring creator of cool things with flux 3D printer & engraver.
I hope even more funcctions/ modules come out in the near future.
I posted a link on the community board about inexpensive laser shielding plastic panels. I also designed a simple rail on tinkercad to print to assemble the shielding panels. Should be free to download on tinkercad, may need to sign up, it’s free.
Love the machine and support from Flux 3D Inc. and Flux delta user community!



My name is Xicoténcatl, from Mexico. Historical war gamer. First 3D printer. Looking forward to creating terrain and props.


Hi, Alain at the Keyboard (French by Birth) and currently living in Perth, Australia.
I am a Mechanical/Oil & Gas/Offshore Engineer and amongst owning too many toys (so says my spouse) including numerous unfinished projects, I love RC Helicopters, Drones, Paragliding and Cycling with recently a really need to get into robotics, programming etc… Just purchased an Arduino Uno to get the 3D Printer busy on numerous new project/gadgets and have already printed a cool case for it.
I hope to be able to draw from the numerous experts in software/Electronic/Robotic and the like amongst you all, what and exciting group and times ahead of us… This is just fantastic.
Sorry if my email construction is a little bit “French” sometime and please do not hesitate to ask for clarification as applicable and will oblige to respond ASAP on my side… No worries as Aussies say here :slightly_smiling:
A Plus, Alain