Introduce Yourself Here!


Hello everyone!

My name is Hayo and I live in the Netherlands.

I am a Technical Product manager for a large 2D printer company.
Have some experience with another 3D printer and this got me interested in 3D printing.
I design simple stuff in tinkercad to repair household items and stuff for my quadcopter.

Also backing for Tiko, and Panono.


One more guy from Taiwan,我也是台灣人!!請問要怎麼看自己的backer NO. ??




Cheers all,
John from Littleton, CO. With a background in electronics, a love for photography and art, and still making circuits for my personal projects, thought that the flux printer would be a great way to make stuff I can use in photography, personal projects, and play with 3d, laser etching, and whatever else comes in the future. Looking forward to it!


Hi there!!

My name is Jorge from Spain, and I´m new to 3d printing world!! So I´ll try to learn all I can from you guys in order to have fun with our flux!

See you!


Hi i’m Henk Jongsma from Holland Europ, and 74 years old and i’m retired


I’m an OF with a lifelong interest in learning. Nothing fancy, just me.


Hi Henk,

I’m only 70, so I’ll be looking to you for adult supervision. ;-))) Nice to Meet you.


I’m a new products facilitator for
We’ll use our Flux to print prototypes of some new, connected, radiation detection sensors. We use both local and remote(to us) US engineers and now we will be able to print their work to see if we like holding their product in our hands.
Also personally interested in learning these systems for the day when I can 3D print a velomobile body using an inexpensive, large-format(2-3 meter) printer.


Hi Guys,
I am a materials engineer specialized in polymers and composite.
I work exclusively with Additive Manufacturing, I have other 3 machines, a 3D scanner, metallization equipment and provide consultancy projects for big companies.
Aerospace industry is my focus and planning to expando to the automotive sector soon.
If there is something I can help do not hesitate to contact me.



Hello FLUXers. I am a Doctor of Philosophy of Religion. I currently live in Taiwan but after 12 years here I plan to move back to the USA in August of 2016. I am an artist in my spare time designing illustrations in ink and watercolor, designing and building paper models, and now I am a 3D Print Maker. The FLUX is my first 3D printer after three years of wanting. I am friends with one of the FLUX startup team and that’s how I found out about the FLUX. I got my FLUX just 8 days ago and I am in love. I have finally mastered all the troubles and frustrations and am printing downloads from Thingiverse with ease. So now it is on to converting all my old Papermodel designs to 3D printing, and making new designs. The future is bright.


Sounds like you might become the scanning guru! Let us know how your projects go, they sound very interesting!


Perhaps I will. But for the paper models it’s just a cad conversion. The 3D model for the paper model is not much different than for the printer. I shall change some of the complexity and over simplicity of the paper model digital file before it is unfolded into a sliced model for the Flux. Fun time ahead.


Hi, Nils-Ola from Sweden here, first time 3d-printer user. Flux looks great!


I have 20 years experience fixing CNC machine tools and general automation and I admired the clear plan for this machine when it appeared on Kickstarter. It appealed to me as the sort of thing I would have designed so I backed it. Today I have just unboxed my machine here in the UK and it’s clear how unfinished it is from the first attempt at wifi connection. I really hope this machine gets polished enough before the big manufacturers bring out something to compete with it. Good job so far!


I feel the competition would be hard pressed to deliver a printer of this quality at anything near the price paid for backing the Kickstarter campaign. As long as the software is in Alpha level, I’ll happily report bugs, but won’t complain about them. It’s almost by definition that an Alpha version is going to be buggy.

I’m hopeful that time will allow us to recognize the great deal and great printer we have!


Would love feedback as to the communication between Flux support and individuals. Does Flux really respond to messages/e-mails?

As a purchaser (January 2015), should I have received my printer by now? I friend who, yesterday, asked and, within two days, received a response from Flux, that it’s now a 7 - 10 week wait. So, Flux has taken my money and not followed through with sending a printer to me.

Any and all comments, suggestions would be appreciated.


Everyone’s got a place in line. Were you a Kickstarter backer, or did you pre-order one after that? I believe that they’ve got to fulfill the Kickstarter orders before they can deliver the pre-orders. I was in the first few hundred that backed the campaign, and I’ve had mine for a few weeks now (originally planned for July in the campaign). I can tell you that it’s worth the wait. Hang in there.

Flux has been very responsive from what I’ve seen. @Simon and @Jim are on the forums quite frequently. I’ve received responses from comments on their help website as well.

Maybe a sticky post in the forum with the different predicted timelines would be a good idea.


Hi Jim, and thank you for responding in a respectful manner.

As you said in your message: “Flux has been very responsive from what I’ve seen.” I am not seeing that. I have, in at least five or six e-mails and messages off the Flux website and specifically “ATTN” to Simon, no response by Simon as been the norm.

I asked a friend to message Flux and ask “how long would it take to get a printer?” Within two days, my friend DID get a response. The Flux response was “7 - 10 days.” So, how the heck would it take MY ORDERED printer take 60 weeks? No offense, but use common sense with this?

I have taken action with my credit card company. I WILL take action with the Federal Trade Commission to this specific issue. As well as post on YouTube and other review websites of MY situation…warning others of what they may expect based on MY situation with Flux and my 60 week old order.

I do understand that you are loyal to Flux because you haven’t had issues by Flux not responding to you, right?

Just for fun, copy and past to Simon, what I’ve written and get their response. I doubt they can refute what I have written. I have saved every sent and received e-mail for my records and I’m glad I did as it shows proof of the fraud Flux has committed. I’m sure I’m not the only one this has had happened to. I have NOT sent Flux any message that would cause Flux not to communicate with me, before my last one stating my intent if they don’t refund the money that “took” from me.

Again, thanks for your reply and look forward to what you make of why Flux is taking no action in my order and possibly not owning up to their mistake and might try to not refund my $749.


Bruce Brent


Moments ago, I checked the pre-order option on the flux web site. It shows the printer options and prices along with some text reading “New order ships in April 2016.” That fits the 7-10 week reference previously posted. I certainly can’t say what wording appeared for pre-orders when the option was available in January, especially since most people would not have received the Kickstarter printers by that time.

If you’ve filed with your credit card company, I would expect you’ll see your funds returned. Of course, if Flux returns your funds, it makes things easier for everybody.