Introduce Yourself Here!



I’m a computer programmer. Getting my feet wet in the 3D printing world…this’ll be my 3rd or 4th 3D printer depending upon when it arrives :smile:

I’m in the process of assembling a Mini Kossel at the moment, and am impatiently waiting for my Cobblebot.

Looking forward to adding this to my growing stable of 3D printers…we’ll see how it performs in comparison. The 3D scanning capability and swappable function (Laser etcher/cutter) will probably allow this device to stand well on it’s own.



We are a couple from Denmark where one is a 3D designer and Animator and the other is a IT teacher. We both love to design and implement our own ideas. We are board game enthusiast and wish to use the flux for game design demo. (People react so much better with visual aid :P)


My name is Joe. I’m a screen printer by profession and I make all sorts of toy items as a hobby. I make stuff for my own self and also sell. I’ve done pretty good and you can look up D&J Toys if you want to see items I have made. I have lots of 3D printed images on my Facebook page. 3D has allowed me to add in stuff that I was struggling to do by hand. I was staying away from various ideas too due to really not having a good way to make it.

I own an UP! Mini and the FLUX was something I felt will be a huge improvement to that. I just recently purchased a Wanhao Duplicator 4S which I’m waiting for to get here. I needed something new now while I wait on the FLUX and I assumed the Duplicator will give me a fair amount of use even after getting the FLUX.

The goal in the 3D print world is to get to a point where n action figure could be printed as clean as if you bought it off the shelf! We are still some time away from that, but when it gets there, I hope I’m well knowledge in what I already do to be able to get that new printer whatever it may be. Maybe even a new attachment to the FLUX down the road!


I’m a software engineer, but I also love science and tinkering. I’m building a small research lab/workshop for various crafts and inventions, which I’ll be sharing with inventive friends and family.


Hi all!

My name is Guy, and I am eager to receive my Flux All-In-One!

Background: I am a senior mechanical engineer and product designer, with a 20-year career that spans many industries and product types, including pro-audio, aerospace, and medical devices. I am currently involved with several start-ups, including a couple of active Kickstarter campaigns and a company that got its start on Kickstarter.

My very first job out of college was as an application engineer with a prominent rapid prototyping firm in LA: Scicon Technologies (, working closely with their partner, 3D Systems, so I am very well versed in stereolithography, SLS, and other additive technologies. I currently work for a company that uses an Objet Eden350 and a Stratasys FDM400, so I’m in heaven! I am also an inventor and hobbyist, and adding the Flux will expand my design and prototyping capabilities both for myself and my clients. I also own a CNC router, and will soon be adding a CNC lathe.

Looking forward to connecting with everyone and collaborating on various projects, and generally contributing to and learning from the knowledge sharing here!

Good luck to Flux and to all of you!



i am from Germany. Work as an Computer Administrator. My skills are very good in electronics and Computers, but not so good in 3d Design. I love Tools. I could not resist when i found the Flux. Printer, Scanner, Laser and the Tripoddesign.
I want to print spare parts, housings (Pi, Arduino, BBB,…), Robot- and Drohnestuff and surely other funny things.
I backed a deluxe Version. Now i have time until to July to learn 3D CAD. :smile:


Hi all,

I’m looking forward to receiving my first 3D printer. Yes, I’m the [ FIRST BATCH ] backer.

Is there any Taiwanese here?

有沒有台灣人啊!打一下招呼吧! ^^


Hi everyone!

we are a graphic design studio based in Europe.
Our specialty is brand and identity design.
We work with big local and global brands.
We’ll probably use the Flux for some corporate presents and in-house stuff - 3d logos, logo engraving, etc.


We can help the members of the forum (you) with your new logo, business cards, etc. for your local cool 3D print brand.

You can write to us also regarding a representative partnership in Taiwan or other top world cities.
We are providing quality graphic designs, design support and good time frames both in print and web for 10 years now, so we are looking for high-grade representatives with access to interesting corporate clients.

We do have a couple of different portfolios ( different for brand and web design ), but you can visit and contact us via the site.

Alternatively - you can join our side project: and find work or clients there.


Have 3D fun everyone! :slight_smile:


Hi All! Semi-veteran 3D printer here. I’ve been printing for a few years, have a Rostock Max delta that I piloted the V1>V2 upgrade for (I live near SeeMeCNC), I’m in the process of building a LittleRP resin printer, and I’m scheming about designing my own delta machine as well.

I bought the Flux to have a smaller printer to take with me to The MakerHive ( ). The small size of the Flux and it’s z-probing calibration features are what sold me on it. I also don’t one a scanner at the moment, so I’m excited about that functionality.

I’m building a 100w laser cutter at the moment, but I still paid the up-charge for the Flux laser module. It will be interesting to see what that can do when it comes in.

As an interesting side project of mine, check out my 3D printer quad-copter!

Anyway though, looking forward to a lot of great conversations here. Looking forward to getting my new printer too. Catch you later!



I learned to draw with AutoDesk Inventor years ago, and I fought and fought with the free modeling software that was out there now. Scatsup, FreeCad, TinkerCad, etc. Couldn’t find a single one that worked the same way that my brain did until I stumbled on DesignSpark Mechanical. Awesome program, I highly recommend it!


Hello Everyone,
As you can tell from my user name I’m Domenick. I live in the New Jersey, USA. I own a Makerbot Dual, Kossel Clear from Blue Eagle Labs, a NextEngine HD Scanner, and I use ReConstructMe with a XBox 360. I also have a Fuse3D, Discov3ry and MeshUp (Uformia) on order through KickStarter. I’ve been into 3D for about 3 years but have over 30 years experience as a mechanical engineer, BSMET from New Jersey Instutute of Technology. I look forward to getting my Flux especially the laser head. I use Simplify3D for my printers as well as SolidWorks, Blender, Meshmixer, and FreeCAD.
Again I think FLUX is a great idea / product.


I’m a nanotechnology systems student in Canada. I’m looking forward to using the FLUX in both the classroom and in my hobbies.


My name is Lung-Fai Tuen, I received the B.S. degree from Jinwen University of Science and Technology, Taipei, Taiwan, in 2006, and the M.S. degree and Ph.D. student from Tamkang University, in 2009 and 2015, respectively, all in electrical engineering.
Now I am a research director in Wistron company currently. Happy to be one of this forum’s member.


Hello everyone,
I am a Aeronautical Engineer in Taichung, Taiwan. I love to making stuff and share to my friends. Exciting to have the Flux and make more prototypes. Looking forward to the wealth of knowledge and innovation that can come out of this forum.


Here I am ~ 挖系呆灣郎~
I am looking forward to my 1st 3D printer , too.



Great to meet everyone
Run a design and prototyping business.

Love engineering solutions to problems!



Hi there!

I’m new around here and just put an order through on the store page for a deluxe model. I’m very much looking forward to creating with the device.

I’m a database programmer for a college and an electronics hobbyist. I plan to use the Flux to prototype parts and enclosures for my electronics projects. I have used my current 3D printer as a problem solving device, such as making small spanners, screw spacers, table-leveling devices, and retention brackets for a multitude of things. The scanning and engraving options on the Flux will be delicious icing on the cake.

I have one other 3D printer at the moment, a Solidoodle 3, which I do not recommend under any circumstances. The hardware was terrible and I had a terrible customer service issue, which was pushed back until it was no longer covered under the warranty. The only good thing to come of that experience was I learned a LOT about how a 3D printer works.

What I’m looking for in this printer is results. It looks good and well thought out, even to the point of having interchangeable heads for different functions… The community looks helpful and not caustic. This is a good start and I’m looking forward to ditching the Solidoodle.


Hi everyone~
I’m a graduate students in Taiwan. I always have lots of desire to create something.
When I first saw the video of FLUX 3D printer, I know that’s what may help me.
But, I think I have lots of thing to learn.


Hi Everybody,

My name is André, I am 28 years old and living in Luxembourg (also going in France and Germany very often).
I am a senior consultant in IT Security/Forensic with a strong IT background (developer, engineer, networking, ethical hacking…)
I am also working with the open source community on various projects (mainly linux).

During my free time, I am also building a lot of things (DIY), I have also skills in electronics and I like to program and develop my own devices.
A 3D printer would allow me to push back the limit of what’s possible to do at home and I really like that idea :smile:

Flux 3D looks really nice to me and I hope to extend the capabilities of the delta robot, I have already a lot of idea and ways to achieve that goals.



Hello everyone! My name is Anita, I am from Taiwan and this my first time buying a 3d printer. So excited! Could anyone give me any suggestions how to start my 3d printing journey? :kissing_smiling_eyes: