Introduce Yourself Here!


Hi! You can introduce yourself here. It helps everyone else in the FLUX community know you more! You can share where you live, what your occupation is, why you love FLUX and 3D printing, and more other interesting characteristics of you.


I’m a B.Sc.E.E. currently work as Project Engineer in Denmark; implementing and upgrading process control systems in the industrial, power and oil&gas sector. Looking forward to my Flux printer and using it to make drones and such :smiley:


I am a software engineer / architect by trade but that doesn’t begin to describe who I am. I hope to be able to use my new flux printer and the rest of my machine shop to build some of the most outrageous modules possible. I look forward to trading ideas with people here on these forums and then putting some of them to the test by building modules and add-ons for my own printer.


I’m a fabricator/welder/graphic designer according to my diplomas, but I’m a Brewmaster by trade. I live in Ontario, Canada, play a pretty mean guitar, and can’t wait to see what kinds of stuff i can get into with one of these.


Hi all,
I’m a webworker and linux enthusiast. Unfortunately I missed the period to back this project on Kickstarter. But I just preordered the flux three weeks ago. Now I’m looking forward to have this great device in my home. In the meantime I’,m keen on to learn to draw some models with “FreeCAD” and “Blender”.



I’m a designer/nanotech engineer, and one of the fifty first batch pledgers! This product has amazing potential, and the FLUX team is partnering with someone I know from school to implement the pastry extruder, which gets me even more excited!



For those that know me in the Kickstarter as RobotechX will go by my common nickname Memo (Guillermo)

CMM operator/inspector
Worked in assembly and machining since out of high school in San Diego, CA. USA. For various company’s and currently in Los Angeles asva floor inspector. Yeah, hated inspectors through my jobs and now I am one.

First time on the 3D realm. And will use it for model and other prop building hobbies. Currently looking at learning solidworks.


Hi! I’m studying software engineering (first year), 20 years old and I’m a tech enthusiast. I live in Quebec, Canada (speak French).

I’ve never experienced 3D printing before, but I’m looking forward to create custom robot parts for my little Raspberry Pi projects and my first print will be an enclosure for my Raspberry Pi tablet project (uptil now, it’s made of wood, but that’s a bit bulky…)

You’re doing a great job FLUX team ! I love your devotion to your product.


Hi, I am Sasank from India. Currently working as UI Developer for Spirit airlines…


I’m have a Ph.D. in robotics and I am working here in Denmark on walking robots, wheeled robots, underwater robots and flying robots. I’m going to use the FLUX to build walking robot prototypes. Glad to be here, and I hope that this community grows!



Hi all,
I am a Mechanical Engineer in Chicago, Illinois. At work I am the Project Engineer, but in my free time I am a prototyper and designer. I will use Flux as another tool to create and enhance prototypes.
I am looking forward to the wealth of knowledge and innovation that can come out of this forum.



I feel cool just being surrounded by a bunch of smart people! I’m just a regular guy who screen prints for living that is very interested in learning. Learning robotics, electronics, engineering, software development, etc…didn’t go to school so I could start my own business… I’m barely learning how to program arduino.


You know screen printing plus how to run a business, which I don’t and so you are just as smart as any.


I am just a random guy who is curious about 3d printing. The flux will be my first 3d printer. I choose it because the possibility of the modular design is endless.


Hi all,

I am from Bulgaria.Now i’m working in the Oil and Energy industry + now studying Computer Science.In my free time I deal with Adobe Illustrator,Photoshop and a bit webdesign.Pretty soon I discovered the FLUX and the 3d printing/modeling,to which I have a great interest.I’m starting to deal with Blender pretty soon and will be glad to share with you many cool things! :v:


currently i’m a still student ( in July is my graduation), i’m doing Product Design Development & Engineering. I want to use Flux for making prototypes, also when flux gives us the technical drawings i will try to develop some modules. ( so i will need some of you software engineers later on.)


Hi all,
Currently i’m working as a test-engineer at a software company based in Switzerland. I’m an electronics technician and B.Sc. in micro-engineering. Specialized in robotics (mostly UAVs). Tech-addict, gadget lover, passionate tinkerer and 3D printing enthusiast.

Bought (together with a friend) a “Makerbot Replicator 2x” with our first paychecks as engineers. Have experience in CAD, electronics and 3D-printing in general.

I would love to have the technical drawings for the modules to get working on my own module. Looking forward to help making the flux the best 3D machining platform :smile:


Hi I’m one of the backers. I am excited waiting for this product it will be my first 3d printer.


Hello, I in the US, Mn just retired, was a industrial maintenance mechanic, industrial electronic background and know nothing about 3d printing or 3d software. It’s going to be a challenge trying to learn this or an expensive paper weight.


Hello compeers,

I am a fellow backer of this fine product and general technology enthusiast. Mostly I stick to myself and stay in the shadier side of communities preferring to remain out of conspicuity. I felt compelled though to make myself known to my fellow backers on this particular project. You most likely won’t hear from me much but I can assure you I will remain acutely aware of the day to day goings on.

Dr. Xycer