Intel RealSense 3D Camera SR300 available for pre-order

Just pre ordered the Intel RealSense 3D Camera SR300 for $125 including shipping.

At the moment I am not impressed by the Flux scanning demo’s but I think when software progresses it will probably do a good job on smaller objects.

For the Realsense 3D I hope it will come to use doing 3D scanning of larger objects like people, probably busts or maybe even full body. All the other announced applications are a bonus for me.
Scanning demo Full-body 3D Scanning with Intel RealSense R200 / Cappasity Easy 3D Scan (Multi-camera edition) - YouTube
Comparison of current camera’s The Gesture Guys - 001 - Top 5+1 current 3D-cameras for Gesture Control and Augmented Reality - YouTube

There are long range and short range camera’s, the SR300 is a short range model but hopefully will scan objects from a maximum of 1,9 meter away.

Its cheaper (at least when preordering in my country) to a Kinect V2.0 and has higher specs
PreOrder page

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I’ve been debating whether or not to buy a structure sensor quite a bit. I have an XBox Kinect, although it’s for the game console instead of a PC so it will be black and white and it can’t be used for commercial use, but I guess either way I’d be doing myself a favor by buying a Skanect license…

I’ve also got a 20.2 MP camera coming as an Instructables prize, and I’m going to try Autodesk Memento and 123D Capture. Memento will take up to 40 photos, so I’ll see how that does. I guess I need to build a turntable next…

When will your scanner ship? Let us know how your adventure goes, I’m definitely interested to learn more about it!

Kinect V2 should be able to scan

Hopefully the Realsense camera can do the same with the same ease.

It should be here within one month, I will certainly share some scan results.

25 KG
10 KG

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I preordered one $104.