Insertion of filament tube into connector

Hi All,

My filament tube has become disconnected from the connector.
Is there a way to reattach it?

The filament tube is simply inserted into the tension binding of the connectors on each end, so it should be a simple matter of just reinserting it with a little pressure to engage the retainer inside the connector. If you push down on the black washer looking part of the connectors on either side of the tube, the release and allow you to remove the tube, so the opposite should apply. -Lance


This happen to me few weeks ago too, I tried to reinsert tube into connector as described by @ltaylorwarren (you can also watch youtube videos), but after a few print hours the PTFE tube get disconnected again…

So I finally bought replacement connectors online (found them on Amazon) :

For now I have just replaced the printer side one, I had to cut a short amount of the tube end to get a clean surface for the grab.

So far, few hundred of print hours later, it’s holding :slight_smile:.

I have done that couple of times also during my >1100 hours of printing. I think changing the fittings regularly, maybe after every 500-600 hours of printing, is a good practice. The worst thing is when the tube comes off during unattended printing overnight. Now, I have spare fittings and tubing just for that situation.

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