Inkscape-Workflow for SVG-Graphics


Hi all,
had some difficulties with SVG-Graphics not loaded in Flux Studio. Error code was “broken svg”.

Now I’ve found a way how svg are loaded correctly. May be it will help someone.

  1. Open Inkscape and go to “Edit – Preferences”
  2. “Input/Output – SVG Output – Path data – Path string format” set to absolut
  3. Close Inkscape
  4. Open Inkscape again
  5. make your drawing or drag&drop your SVG inside the document
  6. select your drawing -> ungroup -> select “path - object to path” and “path - combine”
  7. set stroke width to 1px
  8. “File – save as” choose “Plain SVG”

Unfortunately I can’t test it in real, because my Flux didn’t arrive yet. But the svg will be loaded correctly in Flux Studio.

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This seems to work, thank you very much. Will test it soon :slight_smile:


I tried your steps but got the same error…possibly I did something wrong in step 6, as the instructions seem a bit off.

Any chance you can reformat?..there’s a lot of extra commas in the steps…I wonder if something you’re entering isn’t translating in the markup.


I think most important is step 2, set “Path string format” to absolut.
Made a screenshot with this settings.


Yes, I did that step without issue.


Gents, I’ve been playing with the laser engraver and drawing tool heads (due to the fact my printer & scanner have not worked from day one). I was NOT able to get the Inkscape software to work BUT I did find online (FREE) converting software that has been perfect! Here is the link.

Good Luck,


Thanks, @tomtux! I tried the steps you outlined and I was able to import the SVG (w/ some issues noted below). This is the first time I’ve successfully imported an SVG, so great progress there. Also, I tried the online converter as suggested by @Jerry, but the image did not get converted correctly - portions in the center were missing.

Converting from Inkscape, I see two anomalies - 1) During import I get a warning “Tag defs is not supported”, and 2) after the import, image fill which shows up in Inkscape does not show up in Flux Studio.

Inkscape image:

As imported to Flux Studio:

Any thoughts on how to get the Fill to come across?


I’m no illustrator, but my understanding is that an SVG file is basically a tool path much like how the slicer works for 3d printing. I think something in the conversion to that toolpath negates the infilled areas. I would like to think there is a way to spiral fill or back and forth fill those, but I’m not well read enough to know how that all works yet. My point is, I couldn’t figure out how to get the filled in areas to show up either, lol.


Did some research about SVG fill for laserengraver and found an interesting website.

They adress an Inkscape-Extension it is called Hatch fill. With it, you can make filling with strokes.
To install this extension follow this steps:

  1. Close Inkscape
  2. Download the eggbot_hatch zip and extract it
  3. Copy “” and “eggbot_hatch.inx” to (Windows: C:\Program Files\Inkscape\share\extensions) (Linux: ~/.config/inkscape/extensions/)
  4. Open Inkscape with a new document and drag&drop your svg into it.
  5. Select your drawing and follow the screenshot below (play with the settings menu as you like)

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Thanks, @tomtux! Worked like a charm. Here’s my initial shot at it:

Still needs a bit of tweaking to make the hatch lines closer to fill in more, but very promising!


Thanks for the info. Has this worked well for you and others? I tried it and wasn’t able to get it work.


Graphics attracts users towards it as implementation depends so using svg graphics you can do that, Fixed kodak printer not printing black ink helped me to get the solution of this.