Inkjet Gloss Paper Magnetic Build Plate : DOES NOT WORK!


A while back I had read somewhere that inkjet photo printer papers had some kind of plastic coating to permit sharper ink prints. On my other Prusa type printer, I use sticky vinyl drawer liners as PLA sticks well to it, but the heat of the print makes bubbles under the vinyl and, on hard platform, after 1 or 2 prints, it gets damaged. The magnetic build plate used by @ibisonline for his Self-made Vinyl Cutter, gave me an idea to try magnetic base photo paper for PLA printing. I purchased “Gloss white magnet sheets” for inkjet printers from (Office Depot in US), 4 8"1/2x11" sheets per package for about $11 Cdn. So far I did 3 prints, and they all stick perfectly well without any glue stick. Also they come off easily by bending the 1mm thick magnetic sheet.

First test structure;

Second test structure, 110mmx110mm square, 0.25mm high. (image is noisy, not enough light). 1 Layer sticks very well,

Third print:

Now I don’t know how long the paper will last but after 3 prints the paper shows no damage or bubbling. I can see some print marks, almost like a thin film of oil residue but prints stick so far without any glue stick help. I’ll keep printing on it to see how long one sheet will last. So far I am amazed!

Update: Paper surface got damaged on 4th print! I spoke to soon, it is not a good alternative!


lol… it DOES work… just not for very long! :stuck_out_tongue: I suppose they’re handy if you just need it for a couple of prints… but not very useful in the long run.


Yes, it is an Emergency print surface! :disappointed_relieved: After a few prints, the top layer of the paper gets stuck to PLA. I think the reason is the coating of the paper wears out. Now, I am going to experiment with some quick drying spray coatings I have from my old Darkroom photo days, to see if I can come up with a solution. In the mean time, back to old faithful glass plate and glue stick, which always works!


What are your thoughts on Buildtak-style plates? Mine’s working out well for me so far (although I only print in PLA) huge quality of life improvement for me over glue sticks.


I have not tried the magnetic plate I received with the Upgrade kit, which I think is identical to Buildtak. In my case the difficulty with the glass plate is that PLA sticks very strongly and if there is a big base to the print, it is very difficult to separate it and the chisel is deadly! I can see the convenience of a flexible platform that is why I was trying different “cheap” ideas. Now that I have the steel plate back on Flux for the inkjet paper experiment, I will start using the Flux magnetic Buildtak type base for a while to see how long the surface will last.

Update: Started to use the Flux magnetic base and I like it a lot so far, prints stick well and after 7 hours of printing medium and small items, no visible surface damage.


it wont last very long as their setting for 170 during calib and leveling is too hot and leaves melted pot marks in it. Its not buildtak by any means as I use buildtak on a 12x12 glass mirror from Lowes on my modified CR-10 and sadly that machine outperforms this Delta+ in everyway (3D printing that is) I gave up on the magnetic plate after prints stopped sticking and got a boro glass 3mm thick disc with elmers purple glue stick and worked* great until the new firmware 1.6.86.