Information of layer being printed


It would be nice to be able to display the layer number being printed in the monitor window. Remaining time and % completed are good but an indicator for the layer being printed is more useful for filament changing etc. If I am not mistaken, that information already exists in the created G-code file.


I second this request. Status information would be quite handy!


Yes, that would be a great addition.
Not sure if I should raise this additional wish on this thread, but would also benefit in a pre-print filament purging option which on my Flux Printer is typically required when doing small print where the raft has already started without the print material and must restart the print… Admitedly this is only required for the first print or so. Having some sort of interactive user input button on the screen or use similar procedure as that used during the filament loading by depressing the build plate would be a great addition.


Agreed. If they could provide all the function Repetier-Host has, I would be so happy.


Thanks Darcy, I would also second that motion :slightly_smiling:

I have found a “User Interactive” solution to my problem which basically involves some minor manual adjustment of the filament itself. This is done by simply depresing the “Extruder Feed Button” inside the Filament Wheel Compartment on top on the Flux (same as Loading Procedure) but in this instance keep going until you feel the filament bottom out again the Extrusion Tool Head (typically need to push around 20mm or so). It would appear that the filament “retracts” about 20mm at the end of each prints and allowed to cool out at room temperature and therefore requires this little “Priming Procedure” to start the print straight away after the calibration procedure. I have not really stayed around to see how this happens, but does happens every time I restart the first print of the day for sure and will investigate further later, but no longer a major issue now that I know how to fix it quickly with no really inconvenience… I am a bit of a tactile type of guy so feeling the equipment to ensure that it is all ready to boogie brings me closer to the machine…