Increase in spam and general grumble


So does anyone know what’s going on with the spam on this forum… seems like every time I drop by, there’s new spam, and old spam isn’t being dealt with? And I thought those of us with trust level 3 could essentially deal with that, but then again, the Discourse forum software seems broken… as it’s been showing Christmas hats for the last two years, and the ‘private’ trust level 3 forum category is missing. :-/ Someone really needs to get their sugar honey ice tea together… and do some maintenance around here! :wink:

And on that note, I’m officially confused… I have installers for flux studio 1.0.0, 1.2.4, 1.3.2 still, and I was just checking the website to see if there was any newer versions, and it seems like the latest version for the Delta is now 1.0.0? So what about the Delta specific improvements that occurred post 1.0.0? Then there’s the fact that the github commit log suggests there is a version 1.3.4:man_facepalming:

And still no changelog for 1.6.95 of the machine firmware? Without that, or at least other reports from other users, not not putting it near my machine, so that’s … helpful!


I agree 100%

I have been noticing a lot of spam.

Also noticed that they took off the majority of the flux studio versions, and have just left the old 1.00 beta for the flux delta