Improved print quality through added weight on top of Flux Delta

Besides a lot of other things I fiddled with lately I experimented with decreased speed to improve print quality. That worked quite fine, but a more helpful measure was to simply stack a couple of books on top of the Flux Delta :slight_smile:

Especilly during the printing of support and infill structures, the machine wobbles and shakes laterally quite a lot ā€¦ scary. A heavy weight on top quiets this down - technically speaking, the added weight lowers the resonance frequency (If I had to rebuild the Flux Delta, Iā€™d choose 20mm vertical tube rods instead of massive 8mm ones ā€¦ or switch to industrial-grade guide rails).

I very much recommend to give that simple resonance reduction a try - the outcome is a much smoother print with far lesser vibration-induced layer misalignment:

(please ignore that I burned holes for zipties with a soldering iron)
Layer thickness here is 150Āµm, infill 100%, outer shell thickness 1.