Importing DXF files to Beamo

I tried to import an Acad .DXF (release 13) to the software and I got a prompt first asking me:
Please enter the Unit of your file, 1, 2.54, 25.4, 72, 96 etc
I entered 25.4
I then got a 2nd prompt:
WARNING: Drawing size is out of the workarea. Please move your drawing closer to origin in your acad software, or make sure that the unit s set correctly.
Any help on this?

Try entering a value of ‘1’. I’m no expert but I suspect the issue is due to the interpretation of scale by the Beam Studio software.

I had the same problem and resolved it by entering ‘1’ for the Unit. If the imported file has the wrong size it should be a simple job of working out the correct ratio needed and entering an appropriate number at the prompt. EG if you enter 1 and the imported shape is still twice as large as expected, enter 0.5.

Hope that helps.

Similar to what the other commenter said,. I believe the unit type is not embedded in the DXF files. Flux works in mm, so you need to specify how many mm there are in one unit in the file. The reason they give values like 25.4 is that’s the conversion from inches to mm. 72 and 96 are standard DPI values for inkscape and illustrator.
I agree just try some is the standard values and see what looks right.

@FLUXMCLARCH Did you solve your problem?