Import file looks being scale down a lot. Any one has similar issue?



I am using my Flux printing now. Sometimes, some stl file imported seemed to be shrank to a very tiny size. I don’t know the original size but definitely not the one showing on the Flux Studio. But, not every stl file has the same problem.

Any one got the same problem?


yes i’ve the same problem.


I’ve noticed that if the model size is larger than the print plate’s area, it will automatically re-size the imported model by a fair chunk - If you want to prevent that - try rescaling it prior to importing and/or removing/re-sizing the skirt in the print options.


It probably means that the STL file was accidentally saved in inches instead of millimeters. Does it seem to be off by a factor of 25.4 or 2.54?

Public service announcement: always save your STLs in mm. That’s the “native” unit of an STL file, and it just confuses other programs to use anything else.


probably. I’ll check that out. Thanks a lot!


would you guys prefer to exceed the printable area at load and resize it yourself? which would you guys prefer?


I do prefer to show the original size then scale down by myself.


Please put my vote in for oversize import, user resize. It allows for a specific value/figure of reference, rather than a program-arbitrary reduction.


Having a “Resize to Printable Area” button would be awesome though! I was just working on trying to scale something down, and it’s so much guess and check to see if it’s inside of the printable area, especially when the skirt is added.


Another vote for importing in original size. But the scale to print area button would be awesome too.

Related: I would still prefer a way to scale a part by percentage. I’ve got several things on hold due to this lack of functionality.


Having a built in inch-mm or mm-inch scaling button would be the best.

I do think that if you load an object that is too large, FLUX studio should show it as is and let you do what you will with it.


do you guys know that you can do percentage by using multiplication? just use

value * 1.2 // this gives you 20% increase

you can also use double quote for entering in inch


in your input, it’ll calculate 127mm for you


The FLUX team told me that if the object get shrunk, it usually get 1/10 of the original size. So, just *10 can get the object back to original size.


That’s really useful to know!

When we don’t know the size the model was originally created… it would be even more useful to know if the software always does 1/10 or sometimes does 1/10. Did they happen to mention what the constraints were when they used the “usually” modifier?

Thanks again for passing that on. It would be great if the software gave feedback whenever it was doing something “automatic.” Perhaps a dialog box that said, “You model was just resized to 1/10 the size to fit on the print bed” or something like that.


Resize to Printable area would be great, also having either an option or part of measurements, mm to inches, to give a better idea of the actual size. Going back and forth for calculations is time consuming when all it takes is tweak in the code.

Resize to printable area, measurements MM to Inches and filament calculation prices.



Yes, you are right.
just use

it will be resize back to original.