I would like to "paint" in pen mode

Hey Guys,

I would like to do some cnc milling. I got to the Point i only can use 1px svg. It work but I want to mill normal svg . May you can put a “slicer” in the pen mode, where we can put the “line thickness” in ?


I used a Dremel and a flexible extension. The flexible extension is my Pen now. I level it 2-3 mm to low and can mill wood e.g.


Sounds interesting. Any pics or videos?

How does the FLUX hold up to the vibration? Any stress issues? What kind of speed settings are you using?

May I,ll make some later. I made 4,3mm deep milling by “accident” at first 1mm/s but it worked very well even with 6-7mm/s, as i speed up my dremel 4000 to 33.000 rpm. The drillbit is a 2mm 2 edge bit from chip manifacturing.
it was soft wood

similar to:


I’m not sure what these terms mean, read this guide about paint colors, but is mouse mode where the stylus isn’t mapped to a specific spot on the screen? If that’s the case, I imagine mouse mode would be pretty bad. It’d be like drawing with a trackpad.