I want to develop tooheads!


hi flux i wanted help in making the dual extrusion and choclate filament extruder toolheads as the never ever came, so i decided to use the flux SDK and get it done, and if it does turn out sucessful, add it to your toolheads. oh and can you tell me what happened to the toolheads under development, the stuff you talked about on you kickstarter? the dual/triple extrusion the pastry extruder, the chocolate filament the ceraminc extruder? if it’s gone then let develop it with the community?

OK so where do i start?


I, too am very sad the clay and chocolate extrusion heads never materialised. The chocolate head was the main reason I chose to back the Flux (I had planned to use it with plastaline, a wax based modelling material with a lot of the properties of chocolate).

Have Flux contacted you about this or have you had no response in the year since you posted this?


they haven’t said anything :frowning:


i think im gonna write a ticket to flux now :slight_smile: