I no longer believe in this community. Here’s why


I have tried in vain to contact this company for parts support, and a question as to why the Studio version dropped back to version 1.0.0.

I need a new printer head, a new extruder completely, and a few other parts. I have the Kickstarter Delta 1. They will NEVER reply back. The Head is ALWAYS out of stock, and the Extruder isn’t anyplace to be found. I’ll be damed to spend another $1000 of a new Delta when the one I have just needs a few parts. Time to look at their Competition.


:face_with_raised_eyebrow: The community or the company?

How have you contacted (or tried) them? This forum is just a users forum not an official communications or support channel. We also have a Facebook group but that is completely independent and unaffiliated with the company. There are company reps that are members there however.

For official support the best (and only) way to get repairs help or parts is via opening a support ticket on the main website.

Complete speculation on my part, but I suspect Flux is also being impacted by the Corona virus outbreak that is affecting a lot of regional businesses over here. I did see an email about Beamo today, maybe they are at work, or that could have been automated/scheduled.

I too am curious about the version number change, but it doesn’t affect printing other than new version is working fine.


I have had the same problem, all the other parts work fine, and I have been able to fix most of the Problems with the Delta, but the a few months ago the Main Motor Controller board took a crap and I have not been able to get the Part or find anyone with the Board to match it…! You can see small holes in the Chips on the Board…


I’m fairly concerned they have abandoned the printer in favor of their laser cutter. Hell, the santa hats are STILL on the icons here if that tells you how little they look at this board.


I was just on their website and the Delta and Delta+ show discontinued. Sad to say they have abandoned 3D printing in favor of their Beambox.

Now the question is do I buy another print head and snap up all the accessories I can while they are still available?

As far as your electronics for a while now I have been wondering if anyone has hacked a different controller onto a Delta or Delta+. Maybe now is the time.


While I believe the kinematics could be re-used, changing the controller out seems like it would be a challenge without designing a new print head. Their print head has a controller on it with firmware that you would need to understand how to control or you would need to change out in place of direct wiring back to the main control board. I don’t think you could just take something like Marlin off the shelf and interface it to the print head without a bunch of additional development work.

I got my Delta+ from the kickstarter and personally felt they kind of abandoned improvements to the printer after they got them all shipped out. Flux Studio really wasn’t all that great and they only put out a few updates until they needed it for their new laser cutter. The print surfaces they sold never held up unless you ripped off the thin build layer they put on and put a better third party one on the magnet, then I was able to use the same one forever. My prints off it were never really that great, certainly not as good as off a Prusa MK2 which was sold at relatively the same price point. I could never print anything that needed to rotate or move after printing in place because the tolerances just were not there. I ended up only using it for “trinkets”. My Delta+ tears the crap out of filament when its extruding to the point where sometimes I think it jams because there is too much friction from all the damage the extruder gear did to the filament. There should be a user accessible way to adjust filament tension but there isn’t. A printer at the price point of the Flux Delta should work better than this out of the box. I’ve done more successful prints on my Prusa Mini in 4 months than I ever got off my Delta+ in all the years I have had it.

As a result of what I felt was a lack of follow up on fixing design flaws mentioned above, I never seriously even considered their laser cutters when they went in that direction.

They had a lot of cool novel concepts but the market has really changed. You can buy an Ender 3 V2 for the cost of two print heads and get a bigger print volume, silent drivers, a glass plate and more reliability.

I am not sure the level of effort to update a Flux Delta with a modern board and fix the extrusion path is worth it for the results it produces today. Personally, I would just buy a new printer if I needed any replacement parts that costs more than a few bucks.


I Would Love to See it…Or Find the Maker of the Board…
And if Someone Dose I want two of them controllers…


Wasn’t parts of the machine supposed to be “Open source”? Or was that just the tool head design?


What they open sourced in terms of software can be found here - https://dev.flux3dp.com/index.html