I made a thing!

Let’s use this thread to share the things that we design for FLUX. Add ons, accessories, etc.

I’ll start. Here’s a tray that I made to park your unused modules in. It’s deep enough to clear the printing nozzle, and it also has little recesses that let you get to the ball joint magnets for cleaning, lubrication, etc. http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1359702

It’s not perfect, and it’s not pretty, but it gets the job done. I also attached the source files to my thing, and threw in the version of the Flux Logo that I created so that you can emboss and brand your own creations.

I also used the FLUX tag on ThingiVerse. Make sure you use it so that we can find each others’ goodies.

If you follow me, I’ll also follow you back.


That’s awesome! Thanks!

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I agree with Michael. That IS awesome! I will most definitely be printing this thing. Thanks for sharing!

Going to have to add this to my print queue. I’ve also added the tag to the spool bottom that I threw together, and probably has some design problems. Still new to 3d modeling for the purpose of printing. Take a look at it here - http://www.thingiverse.com/tag:flux

It’s not perfect, it fits the tool heads a little bit loose. If that doesn’t bother you, go for it. Otherwise, I’ll design a version two and let you know when I have it uploaded.

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I’m fine with a bit loose. I just want a place that I can set it down safely without the nozzle getting knocked around.


V2 uploaded. It’s a much nicer fit. Feels like a “real” finished product now.

Hi Jim i’m also print this but bij me i’ts a litlle narrow, not fitting correctly, i thry tomorrow an other one a litlle bit bigger.

The tool heads have a draft angle and are wider at the top than at the bottom. The tray will only work right side up.

Did you print the 1st or 2nd version? The 1st is large by a few mm on my machine, and the 2nd is just right.

i print the 2nd and i try to change the dimension on thad.

I have this printing right now, but I was thinking, it would be pretty awesome if there was a slot to hold the scanning calibration thing? Maybe just one side is a bit bigger and the slot there so it could be set in upside-down.

I like the way you think… I’ll have a go at it this evening.

If anybody else is a DesignSpark user, I did upload the editable source file. Feel free to beat me to it :slight_smile:


Just finished printing the V2 version and it’s just too small by like .2mm. Not sure if different PLA filaments shrink different amounts, but I’m using the Flux Grey.

Sounds like it’s time for us to start printing calibration cubes and comparing our measurements :confused:

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Ok, let’s try this… It’s a 20mm Flux logo that’s 5mm high. I’ll print and measure it when I get home this evening.

*** Let’s keep the calibration thread going at Calibration prints - #12 by djhannu instead of spamming our list of printable Flux accessories***

Ok guys… Figured it out. And it’s all my fault. Sorry about wasting 13 grams of your plastic.

My design was in a network drive that hadn’t synced with my newest local save revision when I uploaded the final file. I can tell by the timestamps and modified dates. Thingiverse got the STL and RSDOC that was 1 behind because I was impatient and uploaded it before my drive was done refreshing… So it was just stupidity on my part. Apologies again.

Scorch the Earth of V2 and use V2.1. It will work this time, I promise!

And let it be a lesson to all of us (mostly me) that it’s a stupid idea to cut corners on saving revisions. Expect my future designs to have ridiculous versioning numbers after them :grin:


Got it printed, and it works great!

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I’m printing V2.1 out right now in black. Thanks for the update and the cool thing!

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Good job, thanks for share modeling.

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I also printed one. Thanks a lot!

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