I dread long prints (printhead will continue far above where it left of)


I really don’t like to print large or complicated items because of if someting goes wrong, and as i feared it happened again today. I am printing a large Ornstein statue and 13 hours in, this gap happened:

Okay no biggie i thought. I friction welded it together using some pla and my dremel so it wasn’t wobbly while the printer was still going so the print could be completed and i could just make it look better afterwards. but no i wasn’t that lucky. 89% through and the printhead ended up pushing the legs inside and i had to pause it. i fixed the leg but of course when i pressed start, the printhead continued about 1 cm above where it left and i had to abort the print. this was a 20 hour print and not the first time if something went wrong that the printhead continues way above where it left of. Am i the only one experiencing this and how can i make sure that if i pause it, it continues in the right height and palce?


I had a similar problem. I was doing a large (30+ hour) print, and about half way through I discovered a large gap in the middle of the print (looked like the Flux skipped 10+ layers). I let it continue to print, but eventually the top half of the print came loose and messed everything up.

I assumed it was a fluke until I read that you had the same problem. I wonder if it’s a slicing problem, or a printing problem?


sadly this has happened to me many times on short as well as long prints. if the head gets knocked loose then it is almost 100% sure that when i attach the rods and tell it to begin again that it will begin 1 cm above in some random place.


It’s amazing that things stuck to the print when it started extruding again. Whenever I’ve had a failure like that, I end up with a pile of spaghetti.

Failures are always a mystery, but my guess is that the prints you’ve had fail like that involve a lot of retracts. PLA tends to cool in the upper regions of the hotend on long retracts and can cause intermittent jams like that… Only a guess, though.


yeah i was sleeping while it made the small gap, so i don’t know what caused it.

the gap isn’t that bad, it’s mostly when something does so the printhead tilts or something else that will make it stop and when you ask it to begin it begins somewhere weird and way above the print that is annoying.


You can try using a 3rd party driver and try edit the gcode to where ur z level is

Print toolhead tilt disrupts calibration

the problem is calibration though


I got a similar issue starting higher and to the side of the print. Very annoying, especially as I can’t simply “work” with a gap, I have to restart or move my printed object to match new alignment. Has anyone found a fix to this? I started a bug report thread on it here.


In my experience, sometimes a model needs to be repaired. I can check a imperfect on the gcode model in Simplify3D. I usually use a free service from Microsoft to repair it https://tools3d.azurewebsites.net/ and test it again with S3D.


it has never had anything to do with the gcode or the model. it’s often caused by something knocking the printing head out of alignment so it isn’t aligned anymore and then it just continues because it still thinks it is on point while actually being severely off.