How to really tell if laser tube is going bad?

Hi there!
Im using my beamo about a year now and it started cutting worse. Water changed, mirrors clean. Tube used for 251h. So how to really tell if laser tube is going bad?

The tube will produce less power when it’s deteriorating. So let’s say you used to cut through 3mm MDF on P45 / S10, and now you start to notice it’s not entirely cutting through anymore, it means your tube is getting old :slight_smile: you can up the power and/or lower the speed, but bear in mind the tube will eventually need replacement, and if you install a new one, you’ll need your old settings back :slight_smile:
So my advice is just to use your normal profiles for engraving and cutting and up the power a bit manually. You’ll gradually need to increase it more and more until it’s finally ready to go to the eternal CO2 tubes fields… :rainbow:

That being said, the lifetime of your CO2 tube is heavily dependant on your power usage. If you’re constantly pushing it to the edge of it’s power (60%, less or more, dependant on your model) , it will MASSIVELY reduce the lifetime. You could use it for 150 hours on max power, or you could use it for 1000 hours on 10% of it’s power. (numbers not accurate, just to give you the idea)

One thing you didn’t mention is whether you had done laser calibration or not. This also can have an effect on your laser performance. You can check your manual on how to calibrate your laser. It’s not that hard just to check :slight_smile: