How to export when saving to a USB?


Hi there :slightly_smiling_face:
I am so lucky that I got to buy a BeamBox Pro for my iLAB a our school, but since we are on a VERY secure network it doesn’t allowe cooperation with Beambox.

And since I would like all the studens to be able to work with designs for the machine, the easiest way will be to save designs on a USB and setting it directly in the machine… But here comes the problem, what do we save as? For cutting? for engraving? It doesnt seem to be able to read the files :-/
On advance thank you for helping <3


Here’s a dumb idea, but maybe would fly with your IT department.

Buy yourself a cheap consumer grade wifi router and connect it to the Beambox. And not the campus network and not the internet. Completely disconnected from the secure network and the rest of the world.
When students want to cut they need to connect to the Beambox wifi and then their Beamstudio will be able to talk to the Beambox.


That was absolutely not a dumb idear, so that’s what we did :slight_smile: Thank you very much!!!
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Good, hope it works out for you.
The only complication I could think of is that I don’t know how the machine firmware update operates. On mine, when I launch Beamstudio, it sometimes informs me that there’s a firmware update and it wants to update the machine. I don’t know if a 3-way communication between the machine and the internet is required to do that check. Meaning, is the dance…

  1. Beamstudio talks to machine to get current firmware version
  2. Beamstudio talks to internet to get newest firmware version
  3. Beamstudio offers to update machine if 1 < 2

If so you may have to figure out how to periodically get your private lasercutter network online to check for updates.
Come to think of it though, I believe I’ve seen the firmware update message pop up before I’ve turned the machine on, so Beamstudio may cache the latest firmware on a configured machine, or the most recent firmware version that’s available.