How do you view the camera during a print?

When I’m printing, and I look at the printer status page, the camera button is grayed out and I can’t select it.
If I try this before beginning a print, the status changes to “scanning” and doesn’t let me start the print.

What’s the magic combination? I haven’t figured it out yet.


I don’t think you can print and view at the same time… yet?! should be supported in the future since most people would like to view the print progress at the same time

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Would love to see this feature soon. Even if I pause a print I can use the camera which seems weird. Without being able to view progress the camera feature is kind of useless except for scanning…

You need to fully pop out the scanner camera BEFORE you import the print. Then once it starts you should be able to use the camera button.

What version of the software are you on? On osx 0.2.7 it still doesn’t work :frowning:

Would love to be able to watch the print remotely while it’s happening.

+1 for camera activation without pausing


@simon Another item for the camera wish list would be the ability to record a timelapse of each print. Octoprint & Astroprint both do this, and it’s a very neat feature.


I agree. I would love this feature as well. I was just thinking yesterday about how I can go about setting something like this up. It would sure be a lot easier if it was implemented with the built-in camera and software!

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@simon @Jim Any status update on being able to use the camera to view print progress? My FLUX is in another part of the house form where I usually work…

One thing I do is use Apple’s Screen Sharing (VNC) function so that I can control my computer using my iPhone (via the iTeleport app) that’s on the second floor while I’m next to my FLUX Delta in the basement. I can do anything except import and move models in the FLUX Studio software (the screen latency makes it too difficult to re-position models).

Like you and others, I can’t wait for live viewing via the built-in camera so that I can do the opposite - be at my computer and watch what’s going on my printer.

Just tried this. Still no camera view. Any words from the Flux team?

This feature has been developed and right now is being tested. It will requires firmware update.


Awesome, lining up some new prints, will be great to get visuals! Thanks Flux Team!

Just got the Flux Delta. Am finding some surprises, like the camera not being available during a print, which I thought was the point of that feature. Anyway, good to know it’s being worked on! Will be quite helpful to check in on print progress.

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Any news on that?
It really shouldn’t be that hard. Camera is working before you press Start (printing)… it should just stay active while printing?!
@simon, maybe it would be good if you explain what kind of issues you have with that feature. As a software engineer I would love to know. Maybe even help.


Correct - this wouldn’t be that hard, I thought so. Except we were running on embedded system, and taking photos will compete printing process for some system resource, causing some printing defects.

However, that was the time we were using OpenCV to take photos, on the maximum it can achieve poor 3fps - now we are using v4l2 and can achieve 3x speed in taking photos, as well in scanning.

So if anyone were developing embedded system and using camera, don’t use opencv for product. It has terrible performance, unless you’re doing prototype.

Since this big refactor may affect scanning reliability and the stability of whole system, we’re still testing it to see if it works in most scenario. This feature will be merged into a new firmware update in 2 weeks hopefully.


Thanks for that explanation.
Good luck with the development.

Idea: maybe instead of live camera feedback… start with one frame after each layer, which could potentially make a quick win for a time lapse feature?


I am 110% agree on that. I got the printer since February 22nd and it’s running tirelessly everyday since. The printer hardware is fine except some of the issues like feeding mechanism and metal bed plate, for me a glass bed is a best choice because it’s less heat transfer and perfectly flat surface. One of the big factor on your end is a software, Flux Studio. I have to buy Simplify3D and I understand that is add on cost for me. I’m waiting for a major update on Flux Studio. Right now I’m ok with 0.3.4.

Actually I also wouldn´t mind to see just a frame every 5, 10 or even 30 seconds.

It´s not like we want to watch the printing process but just like to see the current state of our print now and then.