How are people solving the spool size?

The size of the spool for the top mount in the Flux is smaller than most “standard” spools how is everyone dealing with this issue? I rewound one of the spools I bought with the Flux but that was very tedious.

print out or buy an external spool holder. There are some good ones that you print and rest on top of the printer.

I agree with pmbroth.

Here is a link to a forum question about it:

This is one I might print:

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I printed the second one (Yet another spool holder for the Flux Delta )

I printed two rod diameters, 1 for larger spools and 1 for the flux spools. I find that I do not get any clicking by having the spool on a holder. I believe at least in my opinion there is less friction so the roll moves easily.

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The one you printed is the one I was going to recommend (the spool holder designed by kasperh123456). That’s the one I’m currently using and my favorite. I created a Flux Accessory collection, with some other spool holders as well.


I even have a wood dowel that might work at home. (Save some filament haha)

There are ones that hang to the side.
Granted they are not bad, but I do not really trust having a weight on one part of my expensive printer. I wouldn’t want it to tip. (Even though I haven’t heard any horror stories, I still won’t risk it.)

Sorry, no help from me about fitting the spools in the top. I use a cheap shelving system from my local DIY shop and bought an extra shelf support as a spool holder. It works really well. Just had to wrap a few cable ties around the support to make the spools slip round.


I’m not a rocket engineer, but I can promise you that simple is better


Is that just sitting in the top? If so, I tried that and eventually it would fall over, usually falling onto the ground and rolling across the room, sometimes breaking my filament or causing the printer to jam.

It kind of looks like it is sitting on top. I tired that with an unmarked spool got, it ended up being ABS, so I never got to try it extensively.

it is simply sitting on the top, thx for the heads up @Milkdog, i will secure it somehow.

@Nordic_Rain It’s not ABS (fortunately) it’s color changing PLA from geeetech
first attempt will soon start. i have their pla-wood coming up next

Lucky. I have about 8 spools that I got for cheap, all ABS. But until I get a heated bed, I’ll just keep them sealed up.
@Yarden I have been using wood PLA recently. I really like it. Mine is from Afina. It prints better then plain PLA so far. It sands and takes stain really well.

ok, so you scared me a little. it’s one thing when i’m awake and aware but i don’t want to risk that at night…


I had to use my brain, and i hate using my brain, so well done Milkdog.


Just a note of caution, you may also need a new toolhead design as ABS needs higher temp. I would not run the present toolhead at 230C or above, I have seen to many instances of melted toolheads in this forum.

Temperatures up to 235 degrees are possible without any melting toolheads. My experiences

Really? That is good to know.
I too have seen too many melted heads. It is tragic really.

I’ve found another cheap solution. I bought a €5 foldable hanger from amazon and it works perfectly!
I put some lubricant on the rod and taped the filament cable to the machine, because it got tangled with the filament.