Honeycomb Material Clips

I have a lot of 3mm wood. It is great! However, I often get warping of various degrees. Are there clips (or a file to make some) that can “snap” into the honeycomb? Or… what have been some of your solutions? I need as much of the board available as possible because many of my files take advantage of all the precious space available.

Assuming you can live with a warped product I’ve drilled a small hole such that will fit through the honeycomb in the 4 corners (or where I would not be cutting) and put through a small 6x4 cm (or 1-1/4”) bolt through the panel, through. The honeycomb hole and(through a large fender washer and nut under the honeycomb. You may find you need a 5th bolt/washer/nut somewhere near the middle of your panel. Easiest way is to remove the honeycomb, lay it upside down on top of your workpiece, and drill your holes through the honeycomb from the back (the side from which you will put the fender washers and nut). This way you avoid drilling into the honeycomb. It may help to have drawn your project outlines on the bottom of the panel so you see where you can safely drill from under the honeycomb. Cheap, fairly fast, but I never found “clamps” that would work in such constrained spaces. I have ALSO found that with real thin panels I could simply put a weight I might have laying around the shop to hold down a “bubble”; normally 2 weights would be minimally required. Weights could be anything from a heavy bolt to the “add-on” weights to a regular fitness weight set, to 1”x2”x3” solid metal blocks I have and use for measuring blocks (they are quite heavy).

I disassemble old hard drives and take out the crazy strong rare-earth magnets contained inside. They make great fridge magnets, but also good hold-down magnets to the honeycomb grid.

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I hadn’t even thought to check whether magnets are attracted to the honeycomb — had assumed that it was aluminium. Or have you glued some magnets inside the holes as well?

Nope, magnets stick to my honeycomb

Is this helpful at all:


There are some other cool bits on that page too.

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Wow, that site is Awesome. Thanks for sharing!