Hollow Out function of MeshMixer


Just started playing with the “Hollow Out” of Meshmixer as described in linked article.

Its a really simple way to speed up printing by removing infill but still having mechanical stability, works great on solid objects like figurines.

The part describing to add holes can be skipped, this part of the guide is for resin printers.
I am currently using the meshmixer default settings.

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Isn’t this the same as just setting the infill to 0?


No, setting the infill to 0 will get you in trouble in large flat area’s that will have no support like a base of a statue.
This will add a extra wall on the inside with the parameters you decide.

I made some examples with 1mm/2mm/3mm inside wall (2mm=default) look at the arms.

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Thanks for this, i just downloaded meshmixer. This function is awesome


@HayoBrouwer: I use occasionally Meshmixer for repair, scale, etc, but never used the Hollow feature. What would be the benefit compared to the partial infill, and how does it affect the printing speed compared to prints with full or partial infill? Did you make comparisons?


I’ll have to try it.

Here is another Mesh program that has so many options and it is free. Tons of option, I should say!!



I have Meshlab also, but I use it for quick verification of stl files only, I find it very complex and not written for average Joe. I was never successful in using it for stl repairs.


Here a Quick comparison:
Simplyfy 3D 0.15L/3B/4T/2S 25% for all examples
Object scaled to maximum size as it has more effect on bigger items.
The drop on used filament is bigger then the speed drop because infill prints at very high speed

Build time: 11 hours 8 minutes
Filament length: 56623.2 mm
Plastic weight: 170.24 g (0.38 lb)

2MM version
Build time: 10 hours 41 minutes
Filament length: 42091.6 mm
Plastic weight: 126.55 g (0.28 lb)

1MM version
Build time: 9 hours 57 minutes
Filament length: 32374.3 mm
Plastic weight: 97.34 g (0.21 lb)

For comparison: 3B/4T/2S no infill (but you will have a very thin shell and big problem with flat area)
Build time: 6 hours 21 minutes
Filament length: 15673.1 mm
Plastic weight: 47.12 g (0.10 lb)

For comparison: 3B/4T/5S no infill (but you still will have problems with the flat area)
Build time: 8 hours 44 minutes
Filament length: 32989.8 mm
Plastic weight: 99.19 g (0.22 lb)


Thanks for the info.