High Quality Flux Logo for Laser


Hey, I was wondering if there was high quality versions of the flux logo for engraving or drawing? Thanks!

Introducing.... the flux cup!

Like this? http://largefile.fluxtechnologyin.netdna-cdn.com/flux3dp-icon.png

I’m not sure if a larger ‘official’ one exists or not.


I’m getting a consistent ‘connection reset’ error with that URL.


Me too, link doesn’t work.


It’s just the filepath to the icon at the top of the page. It’s not showing up for me on the forum or by going directly to the link, so wherever that image is hosted must be down.

When the forum icon works again, just right click on it and open the image in a new tab or copy the image address to grab a copy of the png.


The icon at the top is working again, so you should be able to get the image now.

If it ever goes down again, here’s a copy of it that I pasted into Imgur.


I just made 3 black & white HD logos using the image above, thought it might be useful to some backers :slight_smile: :


Thanks for posting these!