HELP Needed Callibration URGENT

Hi from France !

My beamo doesnt cut though material anymore. I tried to align the optical path, and recalibrate the camera. Here is the problem : it doesnt work… Right after recalibrate camera, i tried to engrave a hole. It is not at the same spot. Please HELP it is my source of income…

That sounds serious. The best way to get support is contacting Flux directly. There is a link here: Submit a request – FLUX Help Center
I’ve used their support a few times and have gotten an answer or at least a reply within a day or so.

As for not cutting, there are several things on this link. Cut Did Not Go Through Material – FLUX Help Center You may have done some of them already but the last step is contacting their support with pictures from the last step.

Could you show us a picture of the cut and a screenshot of Beam Studio? It might help make the issue clearer.

Just as a heads up, the laser tube will wear out with use or over time. Mine is much weaker now that I’ve cut several hundred items. I can still cut, but I have to use a lower speed or cut multiple with passes. I plan on replacing the tube at some stage, but I can still get good results with tweaked settings. I hope you don’t need a new tube.