Having fun with my new Flux! (photos)

I got my Flux in yesterday and thought i would share my experience as well as a few pictures of the package and my first prints.

Flux packaging at my door (shipping was very fast (i’m in San Diego California) I received notice that my package would ship on the 16th and got it yesterday on the 17th EXTREMELY impressed):

Sorry i didn’t take any unboxing photos, i was too excited! XD

Setup was very simple, just following the included manual and the prompts in the software. i was initially unable to use the latest software because of issues with installing the latest firmware that basically amount to me not reading the support page carefully enough where it says to “use the USB drive option” so my first print was done with the older firmware in the older flux studio software:

As you can maybe see i had some warping on the bottom of the center ball and some stranding on the overhangs, as an additional point of information this was printed on 3M branded blue tape without the use of the included glue stick provided by Flux. All things considered for being my very first print right out of the box just putting the print head on, feeding the filament through and hitting go it’s still very impressive! (getting prints this good right off the bat almost never happens Ive seen printers more than twice the cost of Flux fail their first print very hard)

I determined that the artifacts were due to too much heat (something that can vary based on a multitude of factors) so i dropped the temp down from 215c to 210c in the advanced tab in flux studio. I also (for speeds sake) removed the raft and changed the layer height to .2 and set forth on the task of printing: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:763622 (after correcting the firmware issue switching to the latest Flux studio and applying some of the glue (thanks Flux) to the top of my blue tape for good measure. the end result being:

Which while there is still room for improvement is just incredible for a second print! That’s as far as i have been able to get so far (have to go back to work some time) but I did take some additional photos of the printer to share as well (sorry for the state of my desk):

And here is a close up picture of my second print:

Next I plan to continue dialing in the settings and also try out the laser/pen module which if everyone is interested in i’d be happy to post the results of here as well!

Some additional things to note which I was not expecting: Flux provides a handy bag of goodies! (Glue Stick, very nice stiff sharp putty knife, and lubricant) to save you from making the mistake I did and going to a hardware store to buy these things ahead of time. I would also recommend 3M branded(<<important) blue painters tape as well as a nice thin set of needle nose pliers to clean excess off the nozzle after heating up and prior to printing (nice clean starts help). The print bed is surprisingly heavy duty (thick and heavy) not really relevant to anything i was just surprised since it seems a lot of manufacturers were going the opposite route so that you can warp the bed and get prints off. Luckily the putty knife is fantastic for this and wont warp your print bed.

Thats all for now, pending interest stay tuned for more updates, and a big thank you to the guys at Flux for making such a great product!


Thanks for the photos. My first print of the “ball in cage” turned out very similar to yours. With stringing on the bridges and some layers mushing on the bottom of the ball. I have yet to print a Benchy, but I plan to. Yours looks pretty great. It looks like turning the heat down helped a lot. I might try that, instead I just slowed the print head speed down a bit for outer layers. It worked pretty well.
I too was amazed at the quality from the first several prints. I was expecting some massive failures at first, but the only problems in prints have been pretty minor. This is an incredible machine.
I would love to see your results from the laser and drawing tools. I’ve been too excited with printing. I haven’t got around to even trying the other functions yet. Thanks again for sharing! Looking good!

@Xycer looks good. I’m super glad to see all these positive reports and results.

My only suggestion would be that you print on the reverse side of the steel plate to avoid the fading problem discussed here.

Build on!!

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Thanks! i’ll give that a shot!

I didn’t even think of printing on the reverse side! Thanks for the heads up.

Officially my most impressive print!


Finally got around to using the drawing tool. I made this for my daughter (she’s 4 and extremely excited about the new thing we have that makes toys for her)

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Hi, how do you make thad? i try olso to draw but Studio says you necessary like a file whit .opj

You need to use a file with a .SVG extension. At least for now it appears that the drawing tool only works in vector graphics. As for the actual process, once I got the image loaded I set my moving height really high (like 20mm) and my drawing height to half that (~10mm) and then just aborted jobs and moved the drawing height down over and over until I had contact with the paper.

If your interested I just did a google image search for “Hello Kitty SVG” and picked one of those. This is the one I ended up using: http://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/uncyclopedia/images/2/27/Hello_Kitty_logo.svg/revision/latest?cb=20110611092711

As an additional point of information for those who have not aborted something yet my printer at least retained it’s aborted state until i double tapped the button on the flux itself. Let me know if anyone encounters any issues and i’ll try to help!

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Hey guys,

This site can covert any jpg or png into svg. Might be helpful when you’re using the drawing function.


Thanks Jim that will really help out! Otherwise the only way I know how to do it is to use the live trace function in Adobe Illustrator (not free or cheap).

Additionally I finally got a chance to try out the laser tool head:

^ made from PNG

^ made from svg

I would highly recommend trying the service mentioned by Jim! Etching an SVG is significantly faster than etching from PNG or other image format.

As you can see there are parts that came out great and unfortunately parts that did not fair as well. I’m not real sure where to go from here on the laser tool head to be honest. I can say however the results appear to be extremely consistent. If I go over the same image again with the laser 1) it follows the lines perfectly and 2) it continues to leave some sections un-scorched. Additionally while running through the prints I (on multiple occasions) would hear a clicking followed by the print stopping and the software presenting the error “HEAD_ERROR_INTLK_TRIG” which I’m am unable to find any information concerning. Simply hitting retry caused it to start back up again though. If anyone has any information please let me know and I will continue to attempt it otherwise I think I’ll just wait for the next firmware/software update and cross my fingers that a resolution is on its way.

UPDATE: As pointed out by @Milkdog there is a workaround for the HEAD_ERROR_INTLK_TRIG error i was receiving (yet another situation where i should have looked harder before posting) the workaround can be found at: https://flux3dp.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/217085937-Error-Message-HEAD-ERROR-INTLK-TRIG Thanks again @Milkdog!

@Xycer - Using the directions here, I’ve had no problems with that error - https://flux3dp.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/217085937-Error-Message-HEAD-ERROR-INTLK-TRIG


One method of creating a vector image is to use (free) Inkscape. Load the image and use the Paths, Convert to Path option. It works best if the image is not heavily shaded, i.e., black and white. I can’t recall for certain, but I think it duplicates the original image in place, so you then have two sets of the same graphic. It’s been tricky for me to ensure I select the correct one for processing at that point.


The putty knife really helped you out didnt it. It did help me too when I first started but now i dont use it too much. I had bought a tramontina knife from smokekitchen specifically for this purpose after reading a review. What knife do you use?