Have you used PCBGOGO for project



It is so lucky to have a reliable supplier for a project, especially PCB supplier, because it is complex to arrange and deal with it by yourself. I met PCBGOGO in the first page in google. and then order 50 samples with $5.
And kept pleasant cooperation till today. Our components are also provided by them, they have their PCB and SMT factories.
delivery on time, and didnt delay our project.
And now, I have ordered more than 50 times, so I have 80 percent discount once I made order.
www.pcbgogo.com/b, if you are interested, you could register to have a look.


Hi…i never used PCBGOGO for any of my work but as per my knowledge PCBGOGO will not only provide you with significant cost savings on prototype PCBs, but it will also insure to meet all your desirable turn-around times. More often than not, we achieve turn-around times.

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Nope.I didn’t try this one yet PCBGOGO. so no better idea on this. Sorry!


no I have not tried PCBGOGO, but i have tried NEXTPCB, they are cheap, fast and in nice quality, recently they offer$7 SMT service, guys you should have a try.