Have you printed any robots?


ok, so there is this robot trend on thingiverse right now… im planning to print OTTO(https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1568652) and maybe KAME(https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1265766)
I am able to get the hardware for OTTO in about 35 dollars.
my shipping is gonna take a long time so expect to see my 3D printed OTTO in July or later :cry:


Yes: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1080281

But KAME looks nice to, but I am waiting on my https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/engimake/quadbot-real-robotics-made-accessible


nice! could you post a few pics of your robots or vids? looking forward to ordering your kit!


Hi, looked more at your kickstarter, looks like people aren’t happy in the comments, just saying… it would be great if you reply.


Almost 90% of kickstarters who actually deliver are WAY past their expected delivery date. It is really hard to do everything right at first try. Als long as they actually deliver something that comes very close to the advertised product i am happy. The website with the learning part is up for the most part. Communication has been open but very limited.

Some people think Kickstarter is some kind of Amazon with a longer delivery date. Its NOT. Its an investment opportunity with rewards in products (if everythin goes right).

Here a vid of my Antdroid. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m_oUd5k7fdo
Do not take building a big bot like this lightly, but see it as a 3 month project (and then some)

Kind regards Hayo


I understand that, but you should at-least tell them that everything in going good, I mean if that was you update then I don’t know what the guys in the comments are thinking(I’m not a backer so I can’t see the update), anyway great robot keep up the Good Work!


@aw1: I think you missed the point… Hayo is a backer, not the founder of that kickstart campaign. Hence why he is waiting on it, instead of being interested in KAME :stuck_out_tongue: So there’s not much point telling him to communicate better… hasn’t got anything to do wit him!

And I haven’t made any robots yet, but I’ll had my eye on the tracked style bots for a while. I’ll probably do an Otto, and think about doing a KAME style one, and then think about working a tracked style rover :wink:


HAHA! :slight_smile: well hopefully engineMake gets the job done :wink:


This was the last backer only update, the rest is for everyone to see:

We apologise for the delayed updates, which have been due to differences of opinion in the direction of EngiMake.

We are listening to your concerns, acknowledge them and are currently resolving how we move forward.

The next update will inform you of how we are going to proceed.


Yeah, so just for an update, my shipping is gonna take long, cuz of the blockade in Qatar(you would know that i live in Qatar if you saw my details).


I printed out the OTTO. The original STL file for the legs didn’t work for me, but the OTTO + version of the legs (I think it was v4) worked just fine for me. I had to do a little filing in the body to fit the pezzo that I had laying around and also to create a small hole for an on/off push switch. Here is our little buddy all put together…


The Otto looks great, probably going for the Pedrobot. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2335536

The Quadbot project went belly-up, but they are talking about how to arrange the refunds and made all the files public https://github.com/QzBVXqCoV/Engimake-Quadbot


hii, i printed my otto, my otto’s foot does’t turn properly, because of that my otto keeps on going in circles, the creator of the robot wouldn’t bother replying, so i decided to ask you :slight_smile:


I had a similar issue with one leg. There is a ‘homeing’ program that just moves the servos for the legs such that they are straight. You’ll need to load that and then re-adjust they legs so they are as straight as you can get them. This is how I got my leg fixed. They are not perfect but good enough that my otto doesn’t look like its walking with a limp😁


ohk got it, thanks! 20 chars