Has anyone tried engraving in glass?

so i was wondering if anybody had tried to engrave in glass to see what would happen? I know the flux doesn’t support glass engraving, but what would happen if i tried?

Nothing would happen. The laser (which is just light) would go through the glass and hit the metal plate. Depending on if this reflected directly, it could potentially damage your laser.

mmm, that’s what i thought. Had to ask as I would rather ask here then destroy my lovely laser/printer. Ohh well, manually engraving it is then :stuck_out_tongue:

You could use the laser combined with chemical engraving possibly. My memory of chemical engraving is you put down some type of masking tape, and then cut out your design. You could use the laser for cutting out the design. Maybe put a few sheets of paper on the bottom to catch any leftover laser.

Then once you have the cutout, continue with the chemical etching.

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do you have any suggestions to what i could use for the chemical etching? i found something called Armour Etch cream which i could use, but it isn’t cheap in my opinion.

I was like 12 last time I did chemical etching. So unfortunately, I don’t have any good suggestions for you.

And I actually don’t know if laser cut masking tape will give you a clean enough line or not. That would actually be my biggest concern with this process.

Understandable, will have to try the cream since the other suggestions is hydrofluoric acid, and I prefer not to turn my kitchen into a laboratory. Will have to update how clean it ends up when my flux is done with my new spool holder :smiley:

thanks for your help and guidance :slight_smile:

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A method that worth a try -
Use laser to cut black adhesive stencil & use sandpaper to etch

Ideas from ( this method is actully pretty common in glass art )

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thank you simon. will have to find another site to buy the adhesive stencil on though since the link you gave only ships in america. but will try and use sandpaper before i invest in the etching cream.

I have used Armour Etch to etch glass quite a few times and it works very well. It is, unfortunately, pretty expensive but a little bit goes a long way.
Using the laser to cut the designs out of masking tape or any adhesive shape as Milkdog stated is probably the best way to get the design you want.
I have done it in the past by cutting the masking tape with a razor, so being able to use the laser would allow for much more intricate and accurate designs.


@Milkdog @simon @Deadlyfire991

so i wanted to update you after I got the stencil and etching cream :smiley:

first of, the laser is AMAZING! i went with a .jpg of a vegvisir (I should have used .svg) and the settings 10mm/s and 100% power. the settings was almost correct from the beginning, i would say 6-7mm/s would do it better but i’m happy with the result.

As for the etching cream it didn’t go that well, but it was my first try and i have watched a couple of youtube videoes since. but the things you could do with some sticky vinyl and etching cream is amazing!!

hope this will inspire others to use the flux laser for similar amazing and fun projects :smile:


Glad to hear it worked. Did you laser cut the vinyl on the glass, or was it flat when you cut it?

The main concern I had with the laser cutter is that the edges would be fuzzy. It’s hard to tell, but did that happen at all?

It was taped on the metal plate when i engraved it. It looks a bit gritty and not clean on the edges though i’m not sure if it was the cream or the stencil that caused it. But you don’t see it unless you study it close up.

My beamo has a glass engraving setting so is this something that changed?