Happy with Flux

Since most comments are problems I thought I would post a positive one. I now appreciate the quality/features and ease of use of my flux delta. I recently purchased a Creality CR-X for the larger size and dual colors. It worked twice and then burned up hot end. No reply from company so I guess I’m on my own. Thanks Flux team for your hard work and quality product.

I will add to BBUSTARD’s complements. After working with the Flux Delta (orig) I decided to get a Creality CR-10S. I’m now trying to troubleshoot the CR-10S. I’m glad I still have my Delta. After being under a box for months, I turned it on and tried printing a simple test cube. it worked flawless - and was able to prove to me that my filament was not my problem with the CR-10S. I still try to keep up with the new software releases - in case a small minor bug gets fixed (but sometimes an old bug that was fixed, comes back).
Good job FLUX team! Keep at it. Things are not perfect, but much better than other popular 3D printer companies.

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