Hacking my Flux

I have one of the kickstarter printers and found that there were a few things I wished it had. In particular, I always felt it should have built-in lighting. To solve that problem, I designed and printed brackets to contain a 100W COB and controller box:

Controller Box: http://bit.ly/2nAYadk (OnShape)
LED Holder: http://bit.ly/2mFVO88 (OnShape)
Parts: http://amzn.to/2miy2Un (Amazon list)

The parts list contains all the major pieces, but you’ll need some screws, wires, and a 12V power supply to put it all together. In my design, the input power must be 12v because the fan draws directly off the input supply. This is because the LED requires about 29v at full brightness (hence the boost converter).


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Very cool, and nice use of that “hole in the top”!

Would you be able to run your LED toolhead headlights with that too? Just run your own wiring down alongside the USB-C cable.

I was going to do just that, but after testing this new setup I think using a small step-down converter to drop the 23v hotend power to 12v is going to be my solution. That way I don’t have to run another wire down to the print head and the lights will automatically turn on during printing.

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Less wires is always a good thing, so long as it won’t draw too much current and overload the board. Though I can’t imaging a couple LEDs would.

Your link gave me a bit of a laugh, I opened it and the photos look almost identical to what’s sitting on my desk in front of me. I’ve got two Step Up boosters that look the same to go from 3.3v to 5v to convert my Ciclops Scanner from red lasers to green lasers.