Got anything on thingiverse?


hi, i recently uploaded this model: it would be cool if you guys share your uploads :slight_smile: . also this for flux people ;):


I’ve got a couple FLUX things uploaded.

Tool Holder
Spool Holder
Calibration Object

I’ve made an effort to tag all of the FLUX things I see (please do this when you upload your designs, it helps us all!) and I know that @Milkdog has curated a collection of FLUX things. Both of those ought to be pretty good ways to find them. Luckily, FLUX is pretty easy to search for. It’s not like the hundred Prusa variants that exist and muddy the water when you’re searching.


oops, found out you do have stuff


A few pieces, but I’ve stopped uploading anything to Thingiverse.


Because MakerBot looks doomed, or because you don’t want StrataSys to “co-own” your IP?
Are you uploading designs anywhere?


Those are two secondary reasons, but mostly because I am just tired of seeing people in the 3D Printing forums that do not understand (or just don’t care or respect) Creative Commons. If people can’t show respect to Non-commercial licensing, or at least attribute properly, I am done sharing there. If I share anything in the future it will be on MMF only.


What is MMF? I am not familiar with that one.


Sorry about that, sometimes I abbreviate too much :slight_smile:



yes, thats one thing but people not understanding what they have to do is another, i have not had license issues (so far) because i uploaded yesterday :slight_smile: .


lol… All you do then is keep yelling at them that CC means share and attribute! And keep doing until your hoarse, and keep doing it a bit more… it sinks in eventually! :smiley:


Therein lies the problem, there are 7 commonly used types, not all can be shared. Pretty much all that can be shared must be attributed. Just because it can be shared/attributed does not mean it is ok to sell commercially, sometimes it is, as long as you attribute… I am just tired of yelling and won’t contribute to the mess anymore. I print other people’s designs all the time, and I go beyond what is necessary to attribute.

Truth be told, what really ended it for me were these clowns:

Selling on eBay, Amazon, & etsy and not a shred of an Attribution anywhere to be found. Scumbags


I smell a boycott! How dare they… I know I printed something (which I didn’t sell, but gave away as prizes for something) and forgot to give credit where credit was due… but seriously… sell on eBay, Amazon, etc… that is just wrong!. Nothing else for it… rip of merchants!


For a giveaway, you are actually okay without attribution, kind of, although you should. I’ve got a couple I’ll be doing soon, but I’ll definitely give attribution to the designers.

Selling stuff, hey, if it isn’t tagged as non-comm, I have absolutely no problem AS LONG AS it is properly attributed. Those scumbags post and comment as if all those models are their own design. The reality is they have not one single original design for sale. Just a few printers and a laptop and a dirtbag attitude.

The way Makerbot has mishandled everything, and creeps like that (not the first, nor the last), I’m not organizing a boycott, just my own personal protest…


well… im with you on boycotting them :wink: