Good bye Flux. You forgot about the People that helped get you started


I gave up on Flux about 6 months ago. I needed a new Printer Head and a complete Extruder set. When I asked them where to find their Extruder, they had no idea what I was talking about. Wanted pictures of it for a reference. I told them it was for the Kickstarter Delta, and the Delta +. I also told them that the printer heads are ALWAYS out of stock. They were confused. So after being fed up for the last year, I replaced it with the Anycubic 4Max Pro. They have perfect customer service. Sorry Flux, you lost a customer. Enjoy your Beambox thing.

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M. Fernandez

On Apr 3, 2020, at 1:43 PM, Ron Wener <[email protected]> wrote:

April 3

I was just on their website and the Delta and Delta+ show discontinued. Sad to say they have abandoned 3D printing in favor of their Beambox.

Now the question is do I buy another print head and snap up all the accessories I can while they are still available?

As far as your electronics for a while now I have been wondering if anyone has hacked a different controller onto a Delta or Delta+. Maybe now is the time.

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I gave up too 1 year ago, after my second print head start leaking as the first one did. Once it starts leaking you have to disassemble it, and then all begin to go wrong (unfortunately this part isn’t properly designed to last long and to be easily repaired).

I feel sad that this crowd founded project ends up like this, unofficially discontinued for 2 years in profit of the new Beambox, and now officially discontinued (it seems).

3D printer require a deep commitment from its manufacturer in the after sell service to provide replacement pieces and upgrade kits, keep software updated (without bugs)… For me, that the part Flux didn’t get right, for e.g. they could have properly redesigned the print head if they really wanted to but they just did minor improvements.

Nowadays you can find better printers (more reliable, easily repairable and upgradable) a lot less expensive than the Flux delta was for the backers at the time. Currently I own a TEVO Michelangelo which gives me from the start better and more consistent print results than my Flux, plus I can disassemble and reassemble the print head without breaking anything (and even if I do I can easily find standard replacement pieces on Amazon or Ebay).
I also heard recent Prusa and Creality are good printers.

I hope they will provider a better (longer) support for the Beambox customers…

P.S.: And I’m not mentioning here the scan feature (:sweat:), the engraving head (I could use mine only once before the pins get stuck), and all the future tool heads which were advertised during the Kickstarter and which we never heard of later (thinking of you, chocolate tool head).


Hi, I have noticed that Delta+ is discontinued. I was near to buy a new printing head, but I thought about why I have to spend money on a discontinued project? IMHO, there is no reason. So I left this money in my pocket to buy a new printer when this one will stop to function.