"Getting Slicing Status" error


Hi Flux community, I am an early user of Flux delta, not one of the first but still early.
I’ve been very lucky in having no issues I wasn’t able to sort out on my own, but I’ve recently changed what I use Flux Studio on (my laptop broke beyond repair).
I’m using a pretty high spec Acer on Windows 10; the program works perfectly until it comes to clicking “Save Task” or “Start”.
At this point it says the usual “getting slicing status” but never gets past this point.

Has anyone else faced this problem and got past it?
Any suggestions?

Thanks for any feedback and good luck with all creations!



Hi Matt,
It happen to me on 0.9.0
The default engine is Cura2, which cannot slice properly for me too.
the bar on the bottom left kept 5% and the preview said writing STL.

Try go to advance and changed the slicer to either Slic3r or Cura.