Get wrong cut-settings when using mulit-layered file


I have a file with two layers of which one is supposed to do a light vector engrave (P15 S16) and the other should cut (P50 S16) in a 2.3 mm cardboard. When sending the layers separately I get the right result, but if I send them at the same time both layers will do a hard cut all way through the material.

The file is generated in Rhino 6.0 and AutoCad LT before being sent to beam studio.

How do I resolve this issue?


I’m no expert, but P15 S16 seems to me to be a very slow “engrave”. Usually, I engrave not slower than S40 (mm/s). For instance, I engrave poplar multiplex at P20 S150 for a light engrave on wood, that goes .33 mm deep.

Maybe you can try to increase the speed of the engrave (at least above 30 mm/s) and you might subsequently have to increase te power slightly for the same result. To me it sounds like the machine will register a very slow engrave as a cut. Doing an engrave so slowly might turn it into a cut, especially if other layers (data) is involved?


It’s not really an engrave, but rather a light vector “cut”. I do not want to keep it faster than 20 mm since that can create alignment errors for complex cuts, due to the many turns it would have to take at high speed. Do you use S150 for vectors?

The settings between different layers are constantly coming out wrong, except when I send them seprately.


Right, makes sense. Can you post two screenshots? One for each layer? Maybe I can have a look.

S150 is only for engraving (vector-fill or raster), path-following is limited to S20 max as far as I know.