GCode Terminal in FLUX Studio


Several users have reported issues that I think would be easier to solve if there was a GCode terminal built into Studio. Being able to send an M119 command to test endstops and FSRs, for example, would be a very useful troubleshooting tool. Down the road when development is further along, folks might want to make adjustments for thermistor tolerances, PID fluctuations, etc and being able to send GCode to the machine would be invaluable then.


I agree a terminal to manually send gcodes would be nice.

Or something like this…

@Simon any plans for either a termial or control panel?


Repetier has a nice manual control interface as well


FS feedback information are only extruder temp, time elapse and total and remaining time of print. :sleeping:


I still would like a log kept on the jobs printed, so that you can have a total of print hours, and know when to clean and re-lube it. Instead of using pen and paper…


Yeah, an hour meter would be great. Most RepRap based firmwares do have this built in.