Gave up the ghost


Both of my deltas (original with upgrade and delta+) have given up the ghost. They “work” but fail prints regularly. The feed but strip the tube out of the fittings constantly. They extrude but clog regularly. I am spending more time taking apart the head, changing tubes and usb cables, and dealing with failed prints than I am getting good quality. Not complaining about the printers! I just ran them into the ground. Sigh. They might have time left if I had time to service them, but tired of serving them all the time. I’d consider selling them for parts. But I would cry when they left.


This is so sad to read, but I think you got quite good use out of them, so it bodes well for the rest of us. Everything has a duty cycle, I suppose. :wink:

Do you have an idea of how many hours of printing you received from each? If you don’t mind sharing… then future readers can read the post in perspective. :slight_smile:


Each one has gone through two heads. I don’t know total hours. But the first one has run daily ever since the first Kickstarter. They both never stopped.


I’d say that’s pretty good use then… You’ve worn the poor things to death! :laughing:


That’s reasonable but I was still hoping them to last longer for the cost. :slight_smile:


The design of Flux-Delta, although nice and multi-use, has a big issue with non-standard parts, like electronics and cables. My Flux had printing issues similar to your description, first intermittent then permanent and it was caused by the electronics (PCB) on the top of the printer, it was not the C-cable, and I am suspecting the board connector base more than the electronics since it was intermittent first for a while and wiggling the cable helped for a while at the end it stopped heating the nozzle but movement and other heads worked. After changing the PCB, now it prints but I switched to a different printer in the meantime, P. Mk3, which I bought as kit and I am not looking back. I still use Flux-Delta for PLA printing occasionally (until it stops again) although the original magnetic mat is like the roads in Ontario Canada after the winter, full of pit holes. Leveling still works as long as the calibration avoids the pit holes! Good luck.