Full Sized Spool Holder

I drew up a new spool holder that’s probably worth sharing. There are a few designs that clip on the top corner of the machine, but the ones that I could find were difficult to print without supports or overhangs, and I knew they could be better. This design prints in 2 pieces so that you don’t have any of that trouble. I’m running my first test print since installing it now, and it seems to work just fine. If you’re in need of a spool holder, check it out.


nice job! great work!


Looks very nice, and looks like it should print well too.

What are the dimensions of the center post?

(I see what you did by calling it “full size” and getting it unofficially endorsed… Renegade!)

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The center post is 28mm diameter, because the FLUX spool (after you knock out the paper stickers) has a 31-32ish diameter hole.

No funny business, here. Just made a thing and wanted to share :slight_smile:
I’m flattered that @proclaim likes it.

I agree 100%, it looks great! With a blast of paint it would look like an original part.

Already printed out and using it. We have lots of samples (big spools) from different suppliers that need to be wasted. =P
(I was hoping a little bit longer, and the base a little bit wider.)

I’ve also put on some 3m special pad that makes the holder slippery and easy to turn

A longer center rod?
And a bigger “platform” on top for the spool to rotate on?

The editable DesignSpark file is also uploaded, if you’re familiar with that CAD package.
If not, show me exactly what you had in mind on “napkin CAD” and I’ll try to make the revision for you.

I’m thinking about making a version with a rolling bearing top, so that’s on the list as well.

Looks great! I might print this out as my current setup (with 2 supports and a copper pipe in the middle to support the filament is a bit dodgy) where this appears to be much simpler. Thank you I’ll let you know how it works out for me :slight_smile:

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I printed this out in black ABS… parts fit together perfectly and it looks like original equipment. Nice work!

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it’s ok, don’t worry about it. Our team can make modifications if needed =)

I just want to thank those of you create gadgets here and there to make FLUX easier to use =)


It’s a fun design, unfortunately I’ve had pretty bad luck with vertical holders. It seems like the filament always get tangled up.

Got this added to my Thingiverse collection with other Flux accessories.

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Nice design! Thanks for sharing.:+1:

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Most of the single-file mods and add-ons are in the Files section of the Facebook group too. If anyone has others they would like to add there, feel free to upload them there also. There are also guides and other useful bits.

If you upload multiple part files, please try to name them so that someone will know to get all the parts, i.e. FLUXWidget 1of4, FLUXWidget 2of4, etc. Facebook is lagging on the file management interface.

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have been mass production on this one. I also use 3M PTFE film tape and it’s almost as good as a ball!