Flux's "Open Platform and SDK" & New Modifications

I currently work as a Process Automation Specialist for one of the big 10 Pharmaceutical Company in the US since many time ago.

One of the stuff that really convinced me to purchased the Delta+ was its “Open SDK” tag (which is in promo on all the around the website of flux and other promotional stuff, etc) .
But, its a year around with the printer I have no access and/or documentation of it…
I think that there is much more to do with the printer. There is much more hardware/software posibilities available and waiting to be explorer to increase the FluxPrinter Capabilities (than just Printer. Laser and Pen.

How can i work with the “developer part” of the FluxDelta+?? I have two additional modules that I think that it should work…
Is possible (for the user) to control the X, Y, Z axis throw flux studio or its SDK??
Also, is there any one to control the Input/Outputs of the MainBoard of the Printer??
If possible, how??

Thank you.


You could find useful links here: A Glance at FLUX SDK

But for the “developer part”, there is not much activity lately as you can see here :confused: : https://github.com/flux3dp/flux-studio/graphs/contributors

But I supposed that if you have the technical knowledge to make a pull request, the Flux team would be happy to merge it.