Flux version 1.0.0 released


Just saw anew version installed


  1. Fix slicer crashing in Windows for Delta Series
  2. Fix light color engraving for Beambox Series
  3. Support rotary module for Beambox Series
  4. Support image flipping for Beambox Series
  5. Remove invisible layer engraving


It does not have the slicing issue, it seems faster loading the program, and slicing


Just installed 1.0 and tried cut/draw. It just pops up a little window in bottom right with choices of FluxDelta Idle Wifi or Save as File. Both options do nothing. Printing seems good so thats nice.


I opened a support ticket


The bottom part for the flux version 1.0.0 where released and it is need the steps to work on teh part which will be going to get it from thehp australia support with the enable for te window to get the wifi for teh working part and cna get the option to have it in further use that is vlaubale for it.