FLUX Studio v0.3.10, Delta Firmware 1.1.7 Released


thanks for the reply / suggestions / report

@goldensnake we design the machine not to be cleared from “complete” is because we’ll hope that user can remove the printed model before print again. By showing complete to let the user know that the task has completed. and yes, by click “go” again the status will be set to idle

we did notice that there are couple bug waking up from sleep and we’re investigating, thank you all for understanding. Please do continue to post your comments, suggestions, complains (we’ll suck it up ;P) so we can make this software better. ^o^


I’m not quite understand on the design logic on this scenario. However, I don’t find the instructions on the manual. We have to figure out by trial and error. As an end user, we don’t know many features and how to properly operate the printer unless all these are on the manual. Luckily many other Flux users who also have been experiencing on 3D printers and I are helping each other and try to figure out operating the printer. We also want to share our pain and frustration when using the printer and its software. Please do understand that we’re bringing the business to you but the other way around.


Thx for the info, just got one from Ebay myself too, this should make Flux much more convenient


I have all my electronics, including 3D printers attached to UP-Supplies, it prevents potential problems specially on long prints. UPS provides surge and brownout protection and also has a switch.


I have been running into the problem of running out of filament in middle of a print more frequently than previous firmware and software, which’s never happened in the last three months. Reload app won’t help. Closed and opened FS is let me to continue on printing.


it seems the filament sensor is not working correctly. I am sure the recent firmware didn’t touch that area. you may try loading to a stable version and find out where the problems are. Fire up a ticket if all failed. (or you can use detect_filament_runout = 0 in the advanced user setting


It’s hardware problem. it’s paused every minutes while printing. I cancel a print and disable the detect filament feature for now. I submit the ticket.


Disable detect filament runout parameter won’t fix the problem. #121 error keeps popping up?!?


Out of the box the filament detection cable was loose at pcb side on mine, maybe it got loose on yours? Setting the parameter was no fix for me too.


Thanks. It has been working since Feb. 22nd and it starts on giving a failure of running out of filament with a full 1kg filament spool since my last print. I might open up and check a cable.
I already disabled a detect_filament_ranout, why it still gives the error? Now I couldn’t leave a printer prints with unattended printing. :grimacing: What’s kind of the sensor do you use? Optocoupler sensor?


I open up and inspect a switch; I see a tip of plastic switch is worn out and is slipped on a side of a filament.

I definitely need a new switch board. However, the switch is worn out after four months of usage.
@Simon and @proclaim
Does it need to replace every four months? How long does it last?

Quick fix: Applying two layers of Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMW) film that push up a filament and pass a worn out portion of the switch.

Cross my finger and I might get printing task another days until a replacement part is shipped.


Unloading a filament and a running out of filament error pops up :grinning:

UH-OH! Are you sure on checking detected filament switch on unloading routine? Click Ok and the routine is looping forever.

Reload app to get out of the problem.


After 28 days and here is my final solution on the ran out of filament error during printing. I’m out of solution and how I have to work around the problem, so I can keep the printer going for another days. After 3 months straight of printing, a tip of a switch is worn out (see all my early messages above).


Be careful with that setup.

The feeding tube will get chewed up by the feeding gears. I have had that same setup from the start. I used a coin to keep the feeding tube away from the gears. I later switched to a dremel pad.


Thanks. I just want to let Fluxer know How to “override” the ranout of filament error message in other way. I put the Dremel polishing wheel pad in between.


This version is not working properly on my device. I am using Epson printer. Do you have any useful ideas to Fix Epson Printer Error 0xf1? I am looking for the proper solution.