Flux Studio & Printer: Multiple Issues


This is a compilation of the many, many issues that I have experienced with the Flux Studio software and printer during a solid week of attempted use.

I am starting to notice a pattern, could the application being written in node.js be causing the problems? It seem like the application is acting like a web page that have to be refreshed. Do you have on your roadmap to write native versions of the application?

The common theme in issues is that Flux Studio continuously loses connectivity with the printer.

Steps already taken
I have already scoured the forums, updated the to latest version of Flux Studio, installed the latest (and custom wifi version) of the firmware. None have addressed the habitual connectivity issues between the software and printer. In all of the scenarios below, the network connectivity light has been solid on the printer.

Cannot Detect FLUX Delta through Wi-Fi.
Flux Studio constantly and continuously gives this error. Even after the device had made a connection, it gives the error when idle for a few minutes. This occurs even when it initially finds it, even when an IP address is entered in the advanced settings; the printer has a solid network connection light on as well. When this happens, it removes the printer from the device menu.

Sometimes, the software sees the device when I click on “Device” in the right corner. Most of the time, it though.

I have also noticed that when this error occurs, several minutes after, OS X will presents a dialog asking if Flux Studio API can have access. Each and every time, i have to allow it. Afterwards, Flux studio can see the printer. I have noticed in the firewall settings multiple entries for the api. I also have the firewall set to allow incoming connection for Flux Studio.

Dropping connectivity during print
I have also experienced Flux Studio dropping connectivity with the printer during a print and not able to get it back.

Changing printer filament
When attempting to change the PLA, it takes at least clicking the menu option 3 times for the dialog window to appear. Afterwards, Flux Studio loses wifi connectivity with the printer.

After rebooting the printer and restarting Flux Studio, I was able to load the new filament; Promptly afterwards connectivity with the printer was lost. I have been unable to connect since.

When changing the filament, it doesn’t stop when the filament gets to the extruder head. Rather, the feeder motor makes a loud grinding noise and doesn’t stop feeding the filament. As a result, a long strand of filament continuously extrudes and doesn’t stop until i unplug the machine.

Scanner does nothing
Multiple attempts to use the scanner has Ended with failure. When enabling the scanning feature, I can see video of the printer bed. When I attempt to scan, it says “scanning”. However, nothing appears in the screen. And of course, Flux Studio states that it lost connection with the printer.

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Attempting first use tomorrow, will report if similar issues are noted.

You have to press the flux button on the printer once the filament gets thru the extruder head.

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Your experiences mirror mine. There are serious bugs in the communication between Flux studio and the printer.

FLUX Team - Please give us a way to collect logs and debug from the RasPi and from FLUX studio so we can help you fixt this serious issue.

How about at least a diagram and documentation of the protocol/handshaking between the devices. If
the protocol is in ASCII then we could use packet capture to see what is happening.

Also, you really need to provide a direct via USB connection option for this printer.


I too have had lots of problems with the unit I received today:

  1. Couldn’t get the current Flux software to communicate with the printer…had to go to one revision previous.
  2. I would recommend providing a mechanism by which the USB thumb drive could be used to initialize the WiFi settings…or just simply take advantage of the WPS button functionality available on most new devices.
  3. Had some trouble feeding the PLA (the tutorial instructions indicating to sharpen the fillament didn’t come up the first time).
  4. Need a more user friendly way to select the WiFi hotspot from the list…you don’t let the user scroll through the list (and I live in a very WiFi busy area), so selecting the right hotspot is a major pain.
  5. Though I have one machine that can now see and control the printer, my other (which is wired) cannot.
  6. I’m hoping that I don’t have to be on WiFi as well just to keep an eye on the printer.

Once I found work-arounds for most of the issues, I’ve at least been able to get a print going…so far so good.

Thanks, I’ll try that next time.

Hello Everyone,

I appreciate all the feedback and advice. And I deeply apologize for any inconvenience and bad experience so far. Below are some answers and advice I believe would help!.

(1) About the Wi-Fi connection issue.
Our software team just found there was a major bug in the FLUX Studio v0.2.17, which prevented new users from successfully setting up the Wi-Fi connection. We have removed the download link of the 0.2.17 version, and have released the older 0.2.16 version and the latest 0.3.0 version.
Please install either one of them and set up the machine Wi-Fi again. Which will generate a better and more stable machine performance. For USB drive setting user, you could also enter the machine IP in the latest version of FLUX Studio to get a better connection stability.

(2) About the direct USB connection method
After a long discussion in our engineer team, besides the connection methods for PC we support now, we have decided to support direct USB connection in the future, which we believe is an important feature that many users need. We’ll share related news when there’s a huge progress.

(3) About changing filament
@knubie : As the instructions show in the software, after seeing the filament extruded our from the nozzle, pressing the FLUX button could stop the extruding. Didn’t this work on your machine?

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I am having an issue with my canon printer as the ink level is getting low and it is showing canon printer error 5200. I do not how to fix the error, can you find me a way to solve this.

I ended going back to older versions of the flux studio. It seems like the new versions past 1.2.8 have issues finding the printer. Takes along time if it finds them or not. I went back to 1.2.8 and no issues.


You are right! Having issues connecting the printer with the latest stable and even with the latest beta! What horrible software!

I also have a bad experience with the Flux studio software printer issues.Flux studio & printer has a multiple issues which I suffering many times.I read on my Facebook page that not only me, even my friends also suffusing with the same things.