Flux Studio app not working on Ubuntu 20.04


I installed 0.9.1 version on Ubuntu 20.04 and the app just doesn’t launch.

The error in dmesg is: "traps: flux-studio[4265] trap int3 ip:7f09359be0d5 sp:7ffff55ad5b0 error:0 in libglib-2.0.so.0.6400.2[7f0935966000+125000]

Anyone with the same issue or solution maybe?


Anyone knows what the issue is?


I digged in today and found out the reason behind this error is in the old version of libpango 1.31 used for the app which Ubuntu 20.04 with libpango 1.44.7 package installed doesn’t support.

I tried to get to newer versions by “guessing” the url for the app where I was able to get the version 0.99 for Ubuntu and it works!