Flux Studio app in Playstore


I just spotted this in the app store, will give it a try today!


Nah doesn’t seem to pick up my printer at all :weary:


Same here, i tried it and it doesn’t connect.


This app requires firmware v1.5+, FLUX Studio v0.5.0+, which will be released recently.


WOOT!!! Exciting @Simon you guys rock!!!


Will you be releasing an IOS app?


Woohoo I hope that also means wired printing. Great job FLUX team.


Looking forward to the app, but I am super excited about the upgrade kits, had a whole day of clicking and layer skipping today, I will order that upgrade kit as soon as it hits the flux store for sure! Simon, you guys are awesome, just saying!


Is this US only? I am not seeing it in Canada.


I found it in the swiss play store.
Try to search after “flux inc.”.
It does not apear if i only search for flux.


Try flux3dp in the appstore


Thanks. That did it. I had to scroll down a bit but it did show.


What is the use for the app??
Can i controll my 3D printer with it??


Yes. You can monitor it via the built in camera, stop and pause prints and you see the status monitor of your printer. The printer has to be connected via wlan but once you have that you can monitor it whenever you have a internet connection. A really usefull app if you have longer print time where you cant look at your printer every minute.